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  1. Jman, I still love this profile picture. Now that I remember where it was that I saw it, I will visit more often. G-bless dude.

  2. On your pistols for sale, is that shipped or plus shipping?

  3. Thanks SIG Lady, that means a lot.

  4. What is that new avatar? Looks like some old Hollywood idea of Attila, or GK

  5. How much more time do you have on your current contract? Will you be involved in the business with your Dad? Seems like it could be cool to see those things evolving into the products they become. Wish I knew how to program a multi-axis mill. Would be a nice way to experiment and R&D. Good luck on your future endeavors whether they are in or out of the service.

  6. Love your avatar Carmoney! I just finally got it though, ugh! Hope you are well.


  7. Like your vids. Who is the avatar?

    If your ever in California or go to Rio, shoot me an e-mail, and let's shoot!


  8. Jeff,

    Man oh man, we need to go shoot an away match! Just shoot and scoot like we don't know anyone!

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