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  1. 40 Open

    Gun looks good, thanks
  2. 40 Open

    Can anyone recommend a gunsmith that can convert a 40 cal 2011 limited gun to a 40 open gun?
  3. Shielded ambi safety which one?

    My comment above related to a limited gun, wouldn't be an issue on a open gun with a slide racker
  4. Shielded ambi safety which one?

    I have the double tap one, it's a nice part, the only thing I don't like about the shielded safeties is it makes it a little harder to rack the slide since you lose some area to grip on the rear of the slide because of the shield
  5. P320 RX

    Thanks I ordered one
  6. P320 RX

    Alma Does that holster fit the suppressor sights, or did you remove them?
  7. P320 RX

    I'm looking for a match holster, thanks for the recommendations
  8. P320 RX

    What's a good holster that fits the 320 RX?
  9. Xdm 5.25" .40sw to 9mm conversion?

  10. Just started my first 2011 Project

    Yes, I used a lug file to get the correct engagement, without any link just pushing the barrel up to full lock up, i was getting like 90 thousands from full lock up to unlock, but it seems if I use a higher link than 1 it doesn't pull the barrel down far enough and the top of the barrel rubs on the slide as it moves back
  11. Just started my first 2011 Project

    Thanks for the advice, I will have someone check it out. For lock up I'm getting 52 thousands with the #1 link. I tried the other links, a 2 works but binds a little after it unlocks, the top of the barrel rubs on the slide as the slide moves back to the full recoiled position, the binding gets worse the higher number of link I use. I'm using a EGW slide stop pin which is 200 thousands, other pins can be 198 thousands. could this be a reason for the need for the #1 link?
  12. Just started my first 2011 Project

    Hello All I got the barrel fit to the slide and frame, attached are pictures. It took me all day to fit it and get the lock up working good. The first step is to sand and polish the inside of the slide, polish breach face, and remove sharp corners. Fitting the barrel hood and upper lugs wasn't too bad, needed to remove about 25 thousands for the hood sides, and about 13 thousand on the front og the hood that touches the breach face, did this with a file and going slow. The trouble I had was doing the bottum lugs and fitting the link, I finally got the bottum logs fit, but with the link in I kept getting a little binding as the slide pulled back after unlocking. I just keep dykeming the barrel and checking for wear marks and polishing them, but finally had to go down a link to get everything to work smoothly. I ended up using a #1 link and the firing pin hole lined up nicely to the primer pocket of a de-primed shorten 40 case. One tool I need is a 40 S&W chamber reamer to set the headspace, with a gunsmith fit barrel, that needs to be cut, I ordered the reamer. The barrel fitting was frustrating, and made me question taking on the project, but in the end, I think it came out ok. The slide to frame fit and barrel fitting I think are the hardest parts, so I'm glad they are done. Here are the parts used and costs up to this point in the project 2011 Project Costs Part NameCost CK Arms 2011 LDC Frame 240.00 Brazos Caspian Slide 399.00 Bro-Sto 40 S&W Bull Barrel 215.00 Extreme Shooters DVC Grip 179.00 Wilson Barrel Link Set 26.95 CK Arms Grip Busing Set 19.99 Dawson Tool Guide Rod w/reverse plug 69.99 Wilson 14lb Recoil Spring 6.95 CK Arms Pin Set 16.99 EGW Slide Stop 49.99 Total costs to date 1,223.86 John
  13. Just started my first 2011 Project

    To answer the eariler question about costs, I'm estimating it will be around $1600 to $1800 for parts, this doesn't include magazines. For tools, I can't list thm all off the top of my head but here is a list A few good files, I seem to use the a swiss cut pillar file the use A set of needle files Stones of various grips Sand paper Barrel alignment tool Barrel lug cutter Sear jig dremel tool dykem lay out fuild A surface plate for flat sanding Dial calipers Micrometer Some you need, some are nice to have, and I'm sure there are a bunch of others items that people use Matrix Precision frame rail stoning tool Punch Set non-marring hammer allen wrench sets screwdrivers
  14. Hello All Over the weekend I started my first 2011 project. I thought it might be interesting to others on here if I posted about the project and the progress I was making to give an idea about the work involved and the cost of the parts. I'm no gun smith; I have built a 1911 in a week long class so I learned some of the basics. This will be my first attempt to build a 2011, and I will be doing it with hand tools and basic power tools like a dremel. It’s a project I wanted to do myself, I could buy a built one from a Pro that would be better, or buy a used one that may be cheaper, but I wanted to build one myself. It may come out good; I may ruin some expensive parts, only time will tell. Over the weekend I fit the slide to the frame, it took about 5 hours with files, stones and sand paper with a final lapping with lapping compound. I’m sure more experienced people could do it quicker, but I went slow and measured and test fit a lot because I didn’t want to ruin the $600 plus in parts. I used a CK Arms long dust cover frame, and a Caspian slide I bought from Brazos where then do the machining for sights and put the Brazos signature slide cuts on it. The CK Arms frame was $240, and the Brazos slide was $399 for a total of $639. The CK Arms frame needed about 8 thousands taken off the rails, so I removed 4 thousands from each side, and then I had to take a few thousands of the bottom of the slide to get it to fit on the frame. It was easier to fit the 2011 CK Arms frame to the slide than it was to fit the 1911 frame, the 1911 was way oversized, plus it was my first one and it took me all day. I feel the final fit came out pretty good and the slide moves on the frame very smoothly. Attached is a picture of the slide and frame. If folks have any questions, just let me know Next up is fitting the barrel.
  15. 1911 magwell options

    Yup, order the Dawson base pads too