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  1. The 6-32 x 3/8 seem to work like a champ. Just need to put a dab of locktite on them.
  2. Thanks for the replies, guys. And yeah CZC gave me the same answer they gave TommyK up there.
  3. Oh I know. I plan on emailing them, but I was just wondering if anyone here knew. It's amazing how fast you can get an answer.
  4. I have a S2 slide that I just picked up and I want to put a SRO on it. It has the CZC mounting plate, but the SRO's screws are too long to fit properly. I could, of course ask CZC, but what fun would that be? Does anyone know what size/pitch screws the SRO takes and what the length would need to be to properly fit to the CZC mounting plate that's on the S2 slide?
  5. RexKramer

    Accu Shadow 2

    Well stated [emoji16][emoji106]
  6. I have one that I've played with only a little. One thing I did notice is you need a stock hammer spring to make it reliable. If you have a lighter one, you'll get some light strikes. Can't recall the racking force, unfortunately. It didn't stand out as being strong.
  7. I read (yeah one of the worst phrases to use) that fast burning powders such as N320 and Titegroup will be fully burned by the time the bullet gets to the end of a 14.5/16" barrel. The thread was originally discussing the best brakes for PCC and came to the conclusion that even with slow burning powders there wasn't too much "oomph" from the gas at the end of a long 9mm barrel. Obviously there is gas coming out, but it's not enough to work a brake to much effectiveness. During the course of that discussion a few people were talking about velocity loss with fast powders and longer barrels.
  8. I imagine that is what is happening. Similar to how slower burn powders improve muzzle brake performance.
  9. I guess that jump is worth a twist on the powder drop. Thanks!
  10. I’ll probably be doing the same. I haven’t chrono’d the rifle yet, but if I’m doing 130-ish pf with 124gr bullets out of a 5” pistol, how much of a jump in PF would I expect from a 14.5” barrel? I don’t see myself loading PCC specific loads to shoot through my GMR. Would like the same loads for both pistol and rifle.
  11. The nice thing about the accu is that bullet is going where the gun is pointed when the hammer drops. If you miss it’s because of you. That being said it won’t matter for most shooters. Accu owner.
  12. I torqued them to TLAR standards. That Looks About Right I just gave it a reasonable tighten with the wrench and called it a day. Haven't had a problem.
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