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  1. People usually chose a 34 or 17/17L over a 19 because of the sight radius. The guns aren’t inherently more accurate. Sight radius won’t be a factor in CO so I’d imagine the P10c would be great if the guy wants a polymer striker pistol. A couple of catches to the above. The shorter barrel means less velocity for a given load so he would need to be certain he’s making power factor if he’s loading his own. The P10c will also be outclassed by the steel frame guns if looking at weight for recoil management. Then again, transitions should be quicker with the lighter pistol.
  2. I bought the kit that has the AA belt and also the mag pouches a couple weeks ago. Took about a day or two at most to ship.
  3. Ah I was wondering. I usually shoot 124 through mine. Always thought the 147 seemed to make the gun shoot "slow".
  4. Does the feeling of waiting for the slide to cycle mean your grip is too weak or pretty strong?
  5. I bought a .40 about a month or two ago and the 9mm was the hard one to find. I've been looking for a 9mm upper end, but might just settle on getting a full pistol because after the cost of the upper end (600-700) plus a few mags.. well hell you're a pretty good piece down the road and might as well get a whole gun. Passed on one that was $1500 and have been kicking myself in the ass for doing so.
  6. That's good to hear. Yeah I figured new mags would be in order, as well.
  7. I’ve been searching for a 9mm upper to go with my 40 TSO. Judging by how tight the slide to frame fit is on my pistol I would be very surprised to see another slide go right on without fitting. Maybe I should just buy a full gun to make it easier on everything but my wallet. [emoji23]
  8. Hah thanks. Yeah picked it up for ~$400 from hinterland outdoors. Hopefully I can see how it actually shoots next week.
  9. I posted this on another forum but figured I should probably ask the brain trust here. This Kadet kit for the Shadow 2 showed up on my door the other day. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet not will I for about a week, but was wondering which of the two mainsprings would work best if anyone happened to know. Comes with a red painted one and a blue.
  10. Might want to post this over in the classified section.
  11. Just to put it in perspective how many rounds are you putting down range every 6-12 months? $50 is cheap compared to having a worn spring break, blowing a $xxx match fee.
  12. RexKramer

    New TS Orange

    I'm not very high speed, but my TSO pulls under 1.5lbs. That's plenty light for me.
  13. RexKramer

    New TS Orange

    Funny you mention how tight the fit is. It was surprised too. Slide runs back and forth like a sewing machine though! I’m looking for a 9mm upper to go with the 40 I bought. Great gun.
  14. RexKramer

    Accu Shadow 2

    Factory rear!? What a gamer gun. Thank goodness my Shadow 2 is just one that's been modified to look like an Accu 2...
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