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  1. Nikko Stirling Diamond Pro T4

    Haha sorry . got to Excited
  2. Nikko Stirling Diamond Pro T4

    Does the dot stay on when you remove the tray in /out like the new v4 c more rts2?
  3. 3n37 Or 3n38

    I shoot a trubore 9 major with 2 poppel holes. And The 3n37 is the best powder in my opinion. loading 8.00 g with pistol magnum primers. 172pf. Second N350. (7.4.) . /3n38 (9.0)
  4. Welcome to 21st century USPSA training

    Where can i download this game?
  5. Sig Romeo 3 review / comparison

    Im also intersested.! if you pull and insert the battery fast does the dot stays on? like the new upgraded Rts2!
  6. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    this is how it looks with the rts2 mount! removed the smal pins sticking up for the rts2 sight , and just mounted the DP! don´t really know if i need "pinns" to hold the sight!i have a arredondo mount, but i like to have a blastshied!
  7. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    I mounted my DP on my Rts2 cheely mount!filed down the 2 dots stickning up!so this way i have a blast sheild! Trying to ad pictures!
  8. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    Is the dot on the DP much brighter then the Rts2 dots?
  9. C-More Problems / Issues?

    Check the lens if it's loose. Also check for cracks!