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  1. Looks nice.. I have been using a spent 223 case. I cut the base off and the neck fits/jambs nicely in the primer hole.
  2. @Bummy425 "just not sure I want to give up the swaging station" I don't think you need to give up the swaging station. Think the case bell expander die would provide enough resistance to the case to allow the swagger rod to remove the crimp.. Just a guess... but I will need to verify that if I move to this setup. This may be a good experiment day when its either raining or snowing out and I need to occupy myself for a few hours....
  3. Hi everyone, Fairly new to the 1050 (8 months) and came across a new video from the Mark7 guys on reloading using a 1050. I found they way they setup their dies to be interesting. In the video link below a standard case mouth expanding die is used in station 2, replacing the OEM swage case holder rod setup. The reason for this is explained as making the belling of the case mouth easier for the Mr. Bullet Feeder case mouth expander and eliminating that popping sound that people often note when using a powder funnel case mouth expander. I saw this and thought why have I not thought of this before. Seems a better way to use this station and also allows the use of a Mr. Bullet feeder, plus a separate seating and crimp die. Going to try this setup this weekend to see how it works. Not sure how well known this hack is... but thought it would good to share.. Also the 27min video watching dual Mark7's running has some good drool factor...
  4. For the matches that attract a lot of shooters (>50), has anyone tried doing a split day / afternoon squad shoot? Half the shooters start in the morning and finish by noon and the second round comes in and shoots in the afternoon. I know the burden on running this setup falls on the match directors, club volunteers and RO's, but this may be a way to increase the thru put and shorten the overall time it takes to run a match?
  5. Fairly new with the 1050 (loaded ~8K rounds 9mm) but have never had a primer detonation... hope I did not just jinx myself. I have loaded more than 80K rounds on a hornady LNL AP and have never had a single primer detonation issue.. so hopefully it shows its a rather minimal occurrence and or I have not F'ed up too badly over the years.....:)
  6. I picked up two of these and wish I had not. My M&P mags are a PIA to quickly extract out of the pouch. I have the tension screws as loose as they will go, but still the mags take some effort to pull out of the pouch. Not sure if they will loosen up over time or not. Looking at the Ghost 360 mags now... unless someone has tips on to get these mags to work more smoothly. edit: Sprayed some silicone into the mag pouch and problem is gone.. mags go go in and out pretty easily now....
  7. This is what I do. I have 2 LNL AP's that pre-dated my 1050. My driving factor for moving to the 1050 was dealing with crimped 9mm range brass on the LNL. Total frustration and manually removing the crimp is a PIA. 1050 is awesome, but I did have issues at the start with primers dropping out the bottom, but all these issues are gone now. The LNL is still a good machine and I load 40 S&W, 45 ACP and 223 Rem. on them. If I start doing more 223 stuff, I may think about a conversion kit since for me the bigget selling point on the 1050 is the integrated primer swage station.
  8. Very cool.. were the blue led's just a coincidence or did you pick them to match the dillon colors... Very slick install... looks better than factory.
  9. New Mark 7 press?

    Looks like they are using a Hornady case feeder. Not the highest quality item in my experience... hopefully they improved it...
  10. Looks like the fellas over at Mark 7 just released their commercial version of a reloading platform. Looks like a mix of off the shelf items, a new press design and the Mark 7 software. Cant wait to learn / see more about this new press. Has anyone seen this new press up close or know more about it? http://www.markvii-loading.com/The-Mark-7-Revolution_p_332.html
  11. It has helped me with high and inconsistent primer seating depths. Once I installed the die and got it tuned for the brass I was using, I can consistently seat my primers between 0.003 - 0.007 below the case face. I thinks its a good, cost effective addition to the press. Its not a must have, but if you don't have the die, you will need to spend a bunch of time to really tweak the shell plate lock down ring in order to take out the vertical play of the shell plate, while still allowing it to rotate freely. If you don't, you will have inconsistent primer seating depths. The die helps to remove any seating inconsistencies due to vertical play in the shell plate. For me, it just adds a higher level of consistency in my reloading.
  12. I just picked up an EGA primer hold down die and have run about 2K rounds with it installed and have had zero issues with it. Hard to see how it could cause a primer detonation if properly set up but "sh...t" does happen at times. Curious to know/hear from any of you that have been using the EGA primer hold down die in their 1050's as to if they have ever experienced a primer detonation while using the die. If so, what happened and what was the damage, if any? I like the die and will continue to use it, but its always good to hear from others that have more experience using the die than I do at this point in time. thanks in advance.
  13. Never run into this issue. call dillon... may need to ream out the primer hole, but see what Dillon says first...
  14. Want to make M&P grip smaller

    thanks for all the tips.
  15. On item that I came across in the 1050 manual has to do with the rocker set screw adjustment that controls the primer punch. On page 20 of the May 2007 version of the manual posted on the Dillon website states "The above photo shows the rocker arm set screw (#13226) being adjusted. The Super 1050 comes from the factory with this set screw properly adjusted, but over time it can move. When the rocker arm set screw is out of adjustment, it can dent primers and/or cause the primer slide to stick. " Maybe something else to test/talk to Dillon about