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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking reading that post. lol
  2. How can you really know this? Someone can be L-G-B and you wouldn't be able to tell with out asking them. And don't forget, it's now LGBTQIA, don't leave anyone out or they may be offended. That said, I'm sure you're probably right, as the LGBT community is like 2% of the population. I'd bet a majority are liberal leaning, so we probably don't see many at our matches.
  3. Lot's of people do fine with plastic guns. Get a glock in 40 and shoot major. Don't waste your time with minor. There is a lot you can do to a glock in limited, so set it up the way you want it.
  4. I had a gun that was giving me unexplained hammer follow for a little while. It ended up needing a little heavier main spring. I was running a 17 lbs that had a few thousand rounds on it, went to a new 19 and it solved the problem. I had never considered that as a possibility until someone on these forums mentioned it. It's a easy thing worth trying when the standard hammer follow checks come up short.
  5. If you want to stick to the plan you've made you just need to visualize it. The more complex it is the more important it is. Show up early, and come up with a plan for every stage. Start going through them in your head. When you get to the stage, go through everything as many times and you can during your 5 min. walk through. Then go back to going through it in your head, over, and over, and over etc. When you're in the hole it's time to stop BS'ing with everyone else and really focus. When you're on deck walk the stage a couple more times while the squad resets. When you make ready go through it in your head again. You see the trend? Can you go through a stage in your head with your eye's closed? Can you close your eyes right now and go through every stage in your mind from the last match you shot? If not your probably didn't memorize your plan. That's how you get FTE's. If you want to shoot a 32 round field course in 20 seconds, there isn't time to think about what to do, you just need to do it. If it's some crazy memory stage, just do the best you can. I hate these stages, occasionally you'll see them at a major match and the only way you'll do well on it is if you show up the day before and walk the stage. They're not really fair to the guy who just shows up the day he has to shoot.
  6. Yeah, weight is a good example of what seem like silly rules to me in ESP. I see it this way, I can't have a brass magwell, or a tungsten guide rod because they add to much weight and competition guns are heavy not carry guns. At the same time, I can't cut up my slide because that would make the slide to light and competition are light not carry guns. And with all these restrictions why do we even have a weight limit? I can shoot a 9mm 1911 that weight 42.9 oz but my 2011 with a plastic grip only weights 35 oz, and I can't add any weight to it to make it more comparable to that 1911? To me ESP should be like Limited-10 minor, and fit in the box and IDPA holster/mag pouch rules etc.
  7. 8.1.2 says something about SSP guns can be used in ESP. And I agree per the 34 is questionable because it says "features" and that cut out is a feature. And I too think the Accushadow will be allowed in ESP. Note I did say allowed because IDPA's silly convoluted rules should make it illegal but it sounds like they will allow it anyway. Same with the S&W PC 1911 that they ruled legal a few years ago. And now they apparently are allowing DVC's in ESP, how does that make sense with the rules. Personally the shadow should be allowed, and really you should be able to do what ever the hell you want to your slide in ESP. At least that is how it would be if it were up to me.
  8. You must not of read my last sentence Oh, and 8.1.2-A covers the 34, so you might want to pick up the mic.
  9. Which rule do are you talking about? I'm guessing "slide inserts to accommodate different recoil assembly design" But, you're ignoring which doesn't say you can remove material from the slide to accommodate a new recoil assembly. So removing materiel from the slide for a new reverse plug would be illegal per the rules. You have to look at these two rules together, yes you can change the recoil assembly, but you still can't mill the slide for it. That said, from the way people are talking it sounds like it's going to be allowed. It's not the first time IDPA has allowed a gun that doesn't fit in the rules and I'm sure it wont be the last.
  10. Why do you have so many B's compared to everyone else? Did you go for head shots some where they didn't? I wouldn't make your plan to figure out how to go faster while giving up being as accurate. If you want to beat them you need to go the same speed they are and be just as accurate as you are now. Like everyone else said look at transitions and movement.
  11. Like you said, you'll probably improve at all of them vary slowly. The only draw back is the slowly part, and if you're having fun and not worried about progressing quickly then have at it. If you want to get better faster you're better off practicing and running drills at the range instead of shooting so many matches. Dry fire daily, live fire weekly and shoot a match monthly. Maybe twice a month and your skills will skyrocket. I you get really good at something like USPSA, you'll also find you are pretty good at all the others.
  12. My 3rd match was also my 1st sectional (I was a IDPAer too). There was another IDPA guy on my squad and this was his first match. About 3 stages in on the beep, he ran out of the shooting area to the nearest wall and started engaging targets from cover. He moved through the hole stage like that, the RO ran out of fingers to hold up for PE's. Everyone laughed, it was great.
  13. That's good to know, and something I would probably learn from taking a RO class. I told him to stop, and then grabbed the RO who had just shot, explained to him what happened. He said he'd take it from there, and I imagine he took care of all that. I just took the next shooter in line and tried to keep things moving. I doubt the shooter new that either, apparently it was his first match which I didn't know at the time.
  14. I do think the safety stuff can all be addressed, but their needs to be a standard and everyone needs to be brought up to speed on it. I shot a match a few weeks ago, and I got to hold the timer a few times. I'm not a RO but our squad was short handed and I've been around long enough to know the basics. Thinking back after reading this thread I sent one new shooter home for starting to make ready before I issued the command. Yet the PCC shooters can walk to the line with their gun in the hand. There was certainly a little bit of confusion as to how to handle them, both on my part and some of the shooters themselves. We got through it easily and safely though, not really a big deal. And a question, can someone just not like the idea? Everyone is quick to tell the pistol shooter who doesn't like PCC why they're wrong. And quick to try to stomp out their reasons for not liking it. But can a member just not like it? Is what they like or dislike any less important then what you like? Do they pay the same dues you do? This is new, and not necessarily the direction some wanted to see the sport going. I think this division will gain a lot of popularity, it looks pretty easy honestly. Sure you have to beat other PCC guys, and it's all separate matches and all that crap. I bet none of the PCC shooters will brag about how they did overall either. lol. Watching relativity new shooters run a PCC, they can pretty easily aim at a partial target that would give a pistol shoot trouble and drill two A's as fast as they can pull the trigger, something they wouldn't be able to do with a pistol. It can certainly change things, and will lead to changes in how we build stages. At this point it's to late, and we will all just have to adapt to it and move on.
  15. But, if the dvc is legal is a 1911 with similar cuts legal? And why or why or why not? Just because that 1911 was legal doesn't mean its legal now, it is a new rulebook. The wording "feature" can cover a lot. To me feature should mean no DVC. If there is no SSP to esp, that should mean no G34. I'm sure that wasn't there intent, but that if that's what the book says that should be the rule.