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  1. My RIA 40 runs much better with longer loads. 1.180 I installed a Wilson Bulletproof extractor and ejector in mine.
  2. Mine works great with MecGar mags with Dawson base pads and Grams followers. I tuned them to not lock back as I rarely do a slide lock reload.
  3. I would like to buy one also. Who sales them.
  4. 147 extreme with 3.2 of titegroup at 1.135. Cycles well but is dirty. 100yd groups are about 3in
  5. I cut the rail back to the same length as a short dust cover, using a full length aluminum guide rod. I am right on the weight limit. I plan to take some material from under the grips also. I almost never shoot IDPA anymore so making weight has not been a priority.
  6. I shortened mine to the same length as a short dust cover and use an aluminum guide rod to make weight.
  7. My M3K cycles everything from low recoil Estate (1080fps) full power slugs. I use 1200 fps Federal for most of my shooting.
  8. I have never seen a "flawless" gun. Even Glocks have issues and they are by far the most flawless guns on the market.
  9. I talked with Benny at Triangle Shooting Sports last week about doing several upgrades on mine, one of which was a new KKM or Kart barrel.
  10. I spent a lot of time and money looking for a magic load and finally realized it was more fun to shoot than load. I use the same load as you for 9 mms and also use TG for my major load 40. Every powder I used had positives and negatives. TG is good but not perfect.
  11. I had to send my 40 back to the factory for accuracy issues and they replaced the barrel. They found that the lock up was not correct. The gun now shoots 2in groups at 20 yrs offhand.
  12. Has anyone tried the 1080fps Herters shells? I use them in my o/u and ran a box thru my M3K without any issues but still don't trust them to use in a match. Most of the guys I shoot with only run 1200fps shells and higher.
  13. I had this problem with one of my 2011's and had too much tension on the extractor. The round was binding on the breech face from the extractor.
  14. I clean mine before every match. It just seems like the right thing to do