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Champion Gun Sights Deep Notch Rear Sight


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Has anyone used the Champion Deep Notch rear sight? How do you like it and what height front sight are you using?


I'm trying to replicate the Sevigny sight set from my Glock for my STI. The shallow notch on the standard Bomar copies isn't working for me. I'm thinking of trying the Champion Deep Notch with a .100 front sight. If I don't like that I will widen the deep notch to .150" wide and run a .115" front just like the Sevigny set.

One more question. Has anyone removed the serrations from the back of a Bomar style sight or seen one that comes with a smooth rear blade? I like a smooth rear sight and a serrated front sight. Thanks.

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I ordered and received this site and am really happy with it. I used the formula on this thread


to calculate my front sight width. I came up with a .095" front sight. I got everything put together and went to the range with it yesterday. What a difference the deeper rear notch makes for me. It allows me to get the sights aligned horizontally much more easily. I also really prefer the .095" front sight. Not nearly as much sight covering the target. The real test will be in the next match, but so far I'm real happy.

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