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130gr BBI + Winchester 231


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My search only turned up data for Solo 1000 so I need some help.

Found a case of BBI 9MM 130gr TC that I didn't know I had and I've got 8# of W231 that I bought the year I was shooting Production and I would like to wed the two. I'm asking for help because I would like to load them up over the winter for practice next spring. I can't go out and chrono because of light snow on the ground and 20 degree temps. The purpose of the practice will be to learn how to manipulate a Glock trigger using a G17 so I am not sending jacketed bullets through my G24C.

I understand this may not be the best powder for the job but it is what I have available.

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In my XD9 Tactical (5" barrel):

124g Berrys Plated bullet

4.0 G W231

1.140 OAL

Pretty clean, very accurate in my gun.

Never Chrono'd the rounds. Its my steel plate load. Knocks down tall poppers and falling plates every time.


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I've shot a bunch of BBI 130's but never with 231. WSF at 3.9 to 4.0 is what I have used for a PF of 130-133.

But, I also have a good bit of HP-38 and plan to try it with the BBI bullets soon.

I'm going to start with 4.0 grains @ 1.140 OAL. Should make minor with no problems.

Best I can figure from load data and experience with BBI 130's it should be something like 3.8 to 4.5 grains running around 975 to 1050 FPS.

I've had very good luck with the BBI 130's out of my SP-01 and standard M&P.

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Don't really know if this will help because it is 38 super, but below is some load data that I worked up recently using BBI 130g TC's and Win 231.

Division Single Stack COAL 1.250" Bullet BBI LRNTC Method Pwdr measure

Gun RIA 1911 38 Sup Primer CCI550 PF Target 135

Powder Bullet Weight Powder Wt 1 2 3 4 5 Average Std Dev Power Factor

Win 231 130 4.4 1026 1074 1059 1065 1061 1057 18 137.4

Win 231 130 4.6 1064 1057 1086 1068 1079 1071 12 139.2

Win 231 130 4.8 1105 1092 1119 1131 1109 1111 15 144.5

Win 231 130 5 1137 1102 1152 1125 1121 1127 19 146.6

Win 231 130 5.2 1183 1193 1161 1136 1140 1163 25 151.1

From graphing the data and extrapolating down it appears that 4.0 grains will get me 130PF and 4.3 grains would get me 135PF, will probably try 4.0gr and 4.2gr thru the chrony and see if the data matches the expectation.


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it's too late for me to go back and edit the title so maybe one of the mods can change it to 9MM & 130gr BBI.

I didn't get many hits for W231 and I just discovered a 2nd case of 130gr BBI's in the shed.

I really need to look in this shed more often as the amount of bullets is staggering for a casual shooter.

So I am asking/begging for a proven load in the 130pf range and if I don't have the powder I will get it.

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