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Halloween Shotgun Match 10-31-2009

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Halloween Horror

Practical Shotgun Match


hosted by

Pima Pistol Club’s



(The same people who brought you Z-WAR 2009!)


Zombie Horde 4 Man Team Shoot Off!

Optional Costume Contest!

Match Fee is $30.00 - to be paid on the day of the match.

E-mail azacts@gmail.com to RSVP for the match.

The match is limited to 60 shooters.

We must have your reservation to confirm your slot

E-mail the following info:

Your Name

Your Valid E-mail Address

Your Phone Number

The Division You Wish to Shoot in


·Boomstick: Any single shot, or double barrel shotgun

·Action Hero: Pistol Grip Only Pump Action Shotgun. Side folder ok if remains folded for the whole match. Iron Sights only, 9 rounds max capacity

·Toober: Any tube fed pump or auto shotgun with 9 round capacity or less, Iron Sight only, no speed loading devices

·Box Fed: Box fed detachable magazine with 10 round capacity or less, Iron Sight only.

·Open: No limitations on accessories


· Sign in starts at 8:30AM, Briefing at 9:00AM, Shooting Starts by 9:30AM

· Round Count: 100 Birdshot Minimum

· Ammo is limited to #6 birdshot or smaller. No buckshot or slugs required or allowed

· Scoring is based on total time. Complete rules will be e-mailed when RSVP is received.

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So it is an individual competition but there is a team shoot off?

Yes it is an individual competition. Team shoot off is at the end while scores are being calculated.

Are the teams random?

Neal in AZ

I believe we are going to let people pick their teams so you can call yourselves "The Undead Enforcers", "Colonial Marines", "Camp Crystal Lake Staff" or whatever.

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Be warned forces of darkness; werewolves, vampires, zombies, chupacabras, aliens, Sasquatch, etc....

The county attorney is coming to serve up some undead justice :ph34r:

The County Attorney's Office retains jurisdiction over you even when you are dead. We currently define the undead as the "reanimated corpses of the deceased" to wit: vampires (or vampyre) and zombies (both the slow and fast kind). The legal definition of "Undead" does NOT include the "Infected" yet still living as portrayed in 28 Days Later. In any event, Undead or Infected status does not change any of said Undead or Infected's legal obligations to follow the law. Eating brains of the living remains a crime as does sucking their blood (unless said living person consents).

HOWEVER a quick review of AZ statutes indicates that the Undead are not proected by the laws which prohibit murder, agg assault, or even sexual assault as said Undead probably do not legally qualify as a "person." But we have done a special action to the Az Supreme Court to definitively determine their legal status. If they fail to meet the requirements as a "person" said Undead may be shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, burned, frozen, chopped, or run over AT WILL. Infected remain classifed as "persons" and any violent action towards them must satisfy the justification requirements of A.R.S. Sections 13-403, 13-404, 13-405, 13-406, 13-407, 13-408 and 13-411. However given said Infected's behavior, establishing these legal defenses should be relatively easy.

Sasquatch are probably protected by the Endangered Species Act. Werewolves are protected but only in their wolfen state but the Arizona Game and Fish may issue depredation tags if said werewolf kills either cattle or local villagers.

As with Jaguars, Chupacabras are an exotic from Mexico and may be protected by both the Lacey Act and the Endangered Species Act. However there is a legislative push to characterize them as a non-game species due to their depredations of the Southern Az. goat population. If the Game and Fish Dept. makes this change all that that will be required to harvest Chupacabra will be a current AZ hunting license. As with racoons, it is expected that they may be hunted at night.

All Aliens are subject to current U.S. Immmigration Laws.

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results are up!



We had 20+ people drop out in the past 3 days. I feel bad for turning some of you away now. Next time we will require pre-payment.

lots of pics and vids were taken today, those should be up soon too...

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From Match Director Bloodfeast:

Congratulations to the following participants!

Overall Top Three:

1) Kelly Neal (Toober)

2) Russel Phagan (Open)

3) Paul S (Open)

Match Winner, Overall: Kelly Neal

Kelly, being awarded the Necronomicron for his victory:


Toober class top three (Tube fed):

1) Kelly Neal

2) Don L

3) Bill P

Toober class winner: Kelly Neal

Here is Kelly being awarded with a double DVD box set of Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead DVDs:


Boomstick top three (SxS double barrel):

1) Kevin B

2) Ceramicgod (Karl K)

3) David M

Boomstick class winner: Kevin B

Here is Kevin (also known as Ash) being awarded with an appropriate DVD (Bruce Campbell Vs. the Army of Darkness Bootleg edition)


Top three Action Hero shooters (Pistol grip pump):

1) Aaron B

2) Reid M

3) Evil Tim T

ActionHero Class winner: Aaron B

(Photo was destroyed by background radiation)

Top three Open shooters (space age shotguns with lasers and phased plasma):

1) Russell Phagan

2) Paul S

3) Brian N

Open class winner: Russell Phagan

(Photo was destroyed by background radiation)

Costume Contest Winner:

Sauce, AKA: Napoleon Dynamite (with a sweet 12 gauge pistol grip pump and a bowie knife)

Sauce was awarded Ash's severed hand for his costuming efforts:


Team match winners:


Karl K (boomstick), Aaron B (action hero), Russell P (open) and Russell C (toober)

Here's video of the RSOs of DOOM and their 37 second annilhilation of the undead:


There will be a bunch more video and photos to follow soon!

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