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reducing loads, how much?


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I just found this web-site. I was lurking at GT, its safer to lurk. They were talking about you guys bad mouthing them because of their attitudes. Its true about them, lots of information, but you never know what someone will say to you.


I am loading 9mm 124 gr HP Berrys. My reloading information says to use 4.9 grs of bullseye at col of 1.150. The gun will not go into battery at this col. My question is how much to I need to reduce the powder load as I shorten the col? If I go to 1.050 would 10% be safe? Or would 15% or 20% be safer?



p.s. I have a red reloader. GT told be that was the problem

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Welcome to the forum! :cheers: I'm sure somebody will have better information for you but is 4.9gr a start or max load? If that's a start load you should be just fine loading that at your desired length. If that's max, drop to the starting charge and work your way up.

Will loaded rounds drop freely into the chamber or case gage? It could be something as simple as not quite enough crimp.

I've never been on GT (don't own one, don't want one) so I can't and won't make any comments about them.

Which RED press do you own... Lee or Hornady? I have a Hornady L-N-L AP. Blue presses are the choice here also but I don't think anyone will berate you for owning another brand. I considered the Dillon 650xl and the L-N-L AP and decided I liked the way the Hornady did a couple things differently than the Dillon, specifically primer handling and indexing in 1/2 steps instead of full steps.

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The Speer No. 13 Manual lists their 124gr HP at a length of 1.120" for the 9mm Luger. Charges for Bullseye they show from 3.9gr to 4.4gr. As always, start low and work up.

You could also make up a dummy round, starting with a length of 1.150" (where you are) and gradually reduce the length (say in 0.010" increments) to see where the gun will go into battery. Once you have the OAL that the gun will accept, select the powder charge - hopefully from established data.

I would not jump all the way down to 1.050" unless you have data showing that bullet, or a similar one, at that length.


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