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9x19 Limited Magazines?

Chris Rhines

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I'm looking at buying an STI Eagle in 9x19, but the magazine situation is a little confusing.

What is the best way to set up a reliable 140mm 9x19 magazine? What parts should I be using, do they need to be tuned, and of course, how many rounds can I expect them to hold?

Thanks all,


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There are so many good ways to do it. I don't think there is one right answer. I use Dawson SNL pads with untuned STI tubes, grams guts, and Shooters Connection steel inserts. I get 23 in the mags and they all work great. I adjusted the feedlips to keep them in spec myself and they just run. I load them to 22 because there are so few stages where the extra round matters.

I think HSmith tunes nine mags to not use spacers and I am sure his work is impeccable but I have never used his mags.

Some people swear by SV tubes but they can be hard to find and expensive. So, I keep away from them.

I think 23 is the magic number for a limited legal mag.

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Hello: I just bought some SVI 38 followers for IDPA in my 9mm. They have have to lock the slide back for IDPA and work perfect. I use these in STI mags with no spacer. I have been told the hot ticket for 9mm is the old preban 140mm STI mags with either the old Dawson +2's or the Arredondo base pads. The old mags hold more rounds than the new ones with the base pads. Now I have to make the followers fit the old STI 10 round mags with the crimped sides. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric

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I really recommend running the spacers in the mags for 9mm whether it be STI or SV. I like the steel spacers with a dab of hot glue to keep them from rattling. Either use Grams or Dawson followers. The SV mags will run reliable without spacers but I still run them for piece of mind.

I have 8 STI mags and 4 SV mags and 2 SPS mags in 38/9. The only ones that do not have spacers are the SPS and I have yet to have a failure with those.

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