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  1. Some people use a 13 coil spring in a 140 mag to solve some sort of feeding problem, usually trying to fix a bad mag tube in a cheap way. it usually does not work as a fix, but some think it does. An 11 coil spring is all that is necessary in a good 140 mag tube, with a base pad that extends the over all length of the mag to no longer then 145mm. A 13 coil spring will decrease round count, and put more friction/pressure to the under side of the slide, at least for feeding the first 2 rounds out of the mag. The follower ID part #'s you listed are designed for your application, just different productions to cover the changes in mag tube design over the last 20 years.
  2. The package label on the FKCMG-11 Follower Kit reads as follows: This "Follower Kit" includes: A "Grams Format" follower (CMG) & (11 coil) spring. For use in CZ "small frame" (75/SP01/Shadow2), 9mm mag, manufactured by Mec-Gar (tube marked "CZ-75-9mm"-17 round), or factory supplied mag (2nd gen, tube marked with "CZ" emblem, "9mm"-17 round, or "40"-12 round), that measure up to 145mm long (with a base pad attached). The package label on the FKC-11 Follower Kit reads as follows: This "Follower Kit" includes: A "Grams Format" follower (C) & (11 coil) spring. For use in CZ "small frame" (75/SP01/Shadow2), factory supplied 9mm mag (1st gen, no markings, 16 or 18 round), that measure up to 145mm long (with a base pad attached). The back of both of these labels reads as follows: This "Follower Kit" is pre-tuned and requires no modifications for proper feeding function in a magazine tube of correct tolerances. The follower is designed for slide-lock function, but due to tolerance stacking of all of the slide lock system parts, modification of these parts may be necessary for proper slide lock function. Tuning of the mag tube may be required if the desired reliability or round count is not obtained. Do not hesitate to contact a qualified gun-smith or directly to www.GramsEngineering.com if assistance is needed. As you can see, there is a difference in mag tubes, thus different kits. If the wrong kit is used, the follower may stop too high at the feed lips, or the follower will stop too low from the feed lip and fail to feed the last round. If you need help figuring out what type of tubes you have, give me a call at the number below, I will be happy to help.
  3. Hello TwoShot, My work is never done, too much of it, and not enough time to get it all done. Still working on the rebuilding and retooling of the production line for my base pads. Sorry I can't give you a better answer then that. If you want recommendations for which one of the my competitors you could use instead, just email or call direct, I will be happy to discuss. Best regards, Beven Grams GramsEngineering.com 949-548-3745
  4. Hello Kris, My "Grams Format Follower" is only available with a spring attached, aka "Follower Kit" because it is a proprietary designed attachment between the two. From the start, the quality of this assembly is controlled to insure a guarantied function, and this policy has never fluctuated. Springs do have a specific life span, so over time, you will need to use up those extra replacement springs you have already purchased. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any other questions. Beven Grams GramsEngineering.com 949-548-3745
  5. Hey Tim, You bet, alive and kickin'. I am aware of your new barrel/feed ramp design and it looks to be a winner for both feeding and mag support. This is what I came up with to solve my mag support issues for both the front of the mag, and what the mag stops on when inserted into the receiver.
  6. If the lower receiver does not have a support for the front of the mag, a nose dive (or a nose up miss-feed), will push that part of the mag tube forward and bend the tab. It can be straightened, but usually it will break off after 3 or 4 times. The mag was not designed to be a feed ramp, and needs a front wall to support it.
  7. Hello mulrick, When using any of my "Grams Format Followers Kits", you can replace the spring with my GMSS-11 or GMSS-13 replacement spring. My Tanfoglio Follower Kits are still available, part #'s FKT-11, FKT-13, FKTS-11 and FKTS-13.
  8. I have not tried to fit the small CZ mag into a Tanfoglio frame. I would guess that it will not. You are correct on what the control ribs are for in the TS 9mm mags. And, the 40cal mags do not have control ribs.
  9. Beven, this doesn't make sense to me, you can get the same amount of rounds into a small frame mag as you can get into a TS mag? The most I've heard of in a small frame big stick is 26? 29 sounds right for a TS big stick with extended basepad and modified follower. Hello kneelingatlas, Maximum round count with 100% reliability is obtained when all the parts of the mag are in correct form. Having the right spring and follower for one, the tube correctly shaped for two, and the tube lenth fitting the gauge. This means that the extended base pad used to get that perfect fit to the gauge must have a bottom that is perpendicular to the back of the tube. In other words, if the mag does not stand straight up on a table top, you are loosing room and will suffer a round count loss. My small frame and large frame CZ mags fit the 171.25 mark with custom made base pads that will stand straight up on its base. Both small and large frame mags will hold 29 rounds. Best Regards, Beven Grams
  10. Give me a call, I will be happy to explain the details. Beven Grams www.GramsEngineering.com 949-548-3745
  11. Hello 2alpha, Call me at 949-548-3745, or email: teamge@gramsengineering.com .
  12. I have to agree with Pat on this one. Try pushing on the handle with no case in the priming position. If the priming punch travels higher then where the bottom of the case would be, then shimming will have no effect. If a primer is high, you are not pushing hard enough. Both of my 650's work this way.
  13. You may have a dirty diode. Using a Q-tip with glass cleaner, shoved into the face of the diode, give it a twist or two. Then do the same with a dry Q-tip. This should tighten up the dot if it is dirty. If you feel the brightness of the dot is too much, then cover a portion of the light sensor aperture with black tape or something that will shade the amount of light the sensor sees.
  14. TeamGE

    Throating a CZ barrel

    If one has a "short chamber", then the length of the case is restricted from completely entering the chamber and not allowing the barrel to go into lockup. The terms "freebore, lead, throat" all describe the area where the exposed portion of the bullet (in a loaded cartridge), sits when loaded in the chamber. This area can cause problems with being too short (the bullet will make contact with the rifling before the cartridge is fully into battery, or the diameter of the freebore is too small, and the bullet will press fit into it. A properly made "chamber reamer" will cut the chamber and throat areas at the same time. The length of the freebore is a part of the reamer and is not adjustable after the reamer is made. If one needs to cut the freebore only, then a "throating reamer" is used, and depth of cut is controlled to meet the length of your loaded ammo. The diameter of the reamer is set at the time the reamer is made. When we load our ammo to "custom" specs, then it is possible to need custom chamber and freebore dimensions. You will need to know the dimensions of an "off the shelf" reamer to know if it will fix the problem discussed in this thread.
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