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Load recommendations 40SW 200gr

Mark K

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I have only been shooting USPSA a few months. First shooting my Para 18.9 as a minor in Limited, now that gun is relegated to IDPA ESP. For the last few matches my shooting buddy has loaned me his fairly new SV Infinity in 40SW. This last week I bought it from him (he shoot Open USPSA).

I also bought part of his stash of 40SW ammo. It is 1000 rds of Atlanta Arms 40SW with 200gr FMJ loaded to 10mm length. It shoots very well in this gun, with a PF around 175. A soft push recoil rather than hard sharp recoil.

My buddy is also helping me ease into reloading. I bought all the stuff needed to have my own 40SW caliber setup for his Dillon 650.

I am using once fired brass I have collected for the last 6 months. I am using Winchester small rifle primers. I ordered 1000rds of 200gr Rainier Ballistics Hollow Point Bullets Dillon. He is giving a good deal on a couple of 8 lbs jugs of VV N340.

All that to say: Any recommendations on the powder load with the VV N340? Yes, my shooting buddy suggested I ask. He is using Clays mostly now.

Thanks, Guys


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