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Do we know yet if Single Stack will be made a permanent division? I'm sorry for my ignorance, I let my USPSA membership lapse and haven't shot in a few years (until TODAY!!!). When I last shot, there was no such beast but I shot the division today. I'd like to make it my permanent division, but not if it's going away.

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Is there anywhere besides USPSA that I can find the rules for single stack division? Maybe it's spelled out somewhere on these forums but I can't locate them.

I seemed to be banned from the USPSA website in Canada :(

I'm planning to build a new 1911 and want to be sure what I do fits the rules...


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Copied from the 2008 rulebook on USPSA.org

1 Minimum power factor for Major 165

2 Minimum power factor for Minor 125

3 Minimum bullet weight No

4 Minimum bullet caliber / cartridge case


.38 cal. / 9x19 mm (0.354” x 0.748”)

5 Minimum bullet caliber for Major .40 cal. / 10mm (0.40”)

6 Minimum trigger pull No

7 Maximum size Handgun and all magazines

Yes, handgun with empty magazine

inserted must fit wholly within a box

with internal dimensions of 8 15/16” x

6” x 1 5/8” (tolerance +1/16”, -0”)

(8.938” x 6” x 1.625”) (227.01mm x

152.40mm x 41.28mm)

8 Maximum magazine length See # 7 above

9 Maximum ammunition capacity Yes, maximum rounds loaded in any

magazine after the start signal

-Major Power Factor - 8 rounds

-Minor Power Factor - 10 rounds

10 Max. distance of handgun and

mags/speed loaders from inner side of


Handgun and Mags - 2”

11 Rule applies No

12 Restriction on position of holster and

other equipment

Yes, see Appendix E3

13 Optical/electronic sights permitted No, notch and post only

14 Installed flashlights permitted No

15 Compensators permitted No

16 Barrel ports permitted No

17 Slide ports permitted No

18 Maximum weight Yes, 43 ounces with empty magazine

19 Handgun specific approval for


See Special Conditions below

20 Holster restrictions

•Suitable for everyday use. “Race gun” type holster


•Must carry pistol so that the entire front strap (to the

trigger guard) is at or above the top of the belt.

Female shooters must carry the pistol no lower than

the heel of the butt at the top of the belt.

•May not be manufactured or cut lower than, and

must cover the slide up to, ½” below the ejection port

(belt slide “Yaqui” type holster exempt).

21 Authorized modifications Not Applicable

22 Prohibited modifications and features

•External modifications or features such as weights or devices

to control or reduce recoil (such as, but not limited to, thumb

rests or components which could be used as such).

•Coned barrels, bull barrels, or barrels with flanges, except in

1911 compact pistols with a barrel length of 4.20 inches or

less. (Note: All other barrels must have barrel bushings and

conform to factory profile).

•Slide lightening, cuts, ports, or any milling deemed to provide

a competitive advantage.

23 Permitted features

•External extractors, firing pin blocks, and other factory safety


•Slide - milling permitted only to duplicate a mass-produced

factory slide available to the general public or as required to

insert sights.

•Factory installed light rail attachments if the dust cover is no

longer than 3.25 inches measured from the rear of the slide

stop pin to the front of the dust cover.

Special conditions:

— Only 1911 production type pistols. Must be available to the general public

and have their basis in the original 1911 service pistol as designed by John

M. Browning. Pistols made from components that duplicate the factory

originals are acceptable. Frames must be metal.

USPSA Handgun Rules, January 2008 Edition • 77

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Anyone...? Is there a later update to the SS rules than the 2006 update? If so where is it to be found? I want to make sure Trickpony get the latest. :cheers:


Merlin, 2008 rulebook is here. That's what you need. Single Stack is Appendix D5. Starts on page 76.

edited to fix link.

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