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What speed holsters are out there?


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im looking at getting a speed holster and was curious what options there are for glocks. which are the better ones and which ones should I stay away from? I would like to try and stay at 100 dollars, also how about mag holders? ive been looking at the safariland because I like their price. Thanks

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The top three answers to this are Ghost, CR Speed WSM II, and Blade-Tech DOH. Of the three, only the DOH is below $100 for the holster, and the DOH is a Production legal style that is good enough to compete with the higher priced holsters.

Mag pouches from any of CR Speed, Blade-Tech, or Safariland will work for you too. They are all about equal, but Blade-Tech does not make adjustable angle pouches.

I have all of the above gear except a ghost holster for my various glocks. Idealistically, the best rig is a CR Speed belt, CR Speed mag pouches, and any of the three holsters you desire. You pretty much can't go wrong with this set-up. Safariland pouches will work on a CR Speed belt, but not perfectly. The belt is just a bit wide to fit the belt groove perfectly and you end up wedging the mag pouch on to the belt. It works, but not perfect.

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