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Rifle Setup?

el pres

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I am about to click the add to cart button for my JP rifle and I have

a few questions. I know I have asked this before but 18 or 20". I

know that most top dogs use the 20" but why? I dont want it just

because so and so runs that, I want to know the advantage of that extra 2".

From what I hear, its more stable, but how. My AR 3gun expirience

for the last couple of years was the basic M4 setup with out the tactical

cr?p, just this and that aimed towards 3gun, but basically stock 16" M4.

I shoot matches with ranges to about 365yds (handloads) and do fine with

it but I want to step up.

Also, stainless or aluminium carrier? I hear from JP himself that the ultralights

dont last very long. Is it worth it? Does it improve felt recoil that much?


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Okay fair questions. The difference between 18" and 20" is like the difference between .270 and 30-06...BUT FOR ME the extra 2" equal better balance in swinging, I never feel that I am "over driving" or "over stopping" the way a 18" feels to me. Also I feel that the .223 is as anemic they come so why not make use of the only thing it has going for it and that is VELOCITY. BTW the next iron sight rifle I build will have a 22" barrel ;)

Aluminum carrier equals drag race motor, It will wear out, but man what a ride! My optic J.P. has one and I wouldn't want it any other way!! The Iron sight one has the S.S. and is soon going to have a much lighter unit in it as well! Down side is just like the Drag race motor it needs more maintainance than the truck that hauls the drag car to the track. For a day of prairie dogging go S.S. for race day Aluinium! Or Titanium...That is what I will have in the Iron rifle!! Thanks Steve!!! KURTM

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I have had a 18" light wieght JP before and loved it up till match day. I found it hard for me to hit the tough shots from a bad position. Call it whatever you want but I place better at matches with my 20" JP's.

I also agree that the .223 is very weak and needs every bit of velocity possible. A 20" allows 2900fps with a 69 gr. That load will move a steel activator targets better at distance then a slow 55. A little extra insurance for those RO's with poor eyesight. There is a lot of speed to be gained by knocking over the LaRue's on the first shot rather then arguing with the RO that your hitting it but it's not falling. Oop's.. Did I just let out the secret to winning a 300 yard stage with steel?


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My aluminum JP carrier went a few thousand rounds before I replaced it. It was really loose, but it still worked. I don't think JP even sells the aluminum carriers any more either. Go with the SS, same feel and will live longer.

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