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sight tracker question


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my slide with cut out is about 10 oz even with the bomar cut also.

I don't have a non sight tracker barrel around to compare. But it feels the same weight as my comped barrels for the open guns.

I would give you an exact weight but I just sent mine back to frostburg.

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My sight tracker slide with all it's associated parts attached weighs 12.27oz and the barrel weighs 6.30 oz. I don't have a comparison but in theory the combination should weigh slightly more than a normal slide and bull barrel. That's because there would be a small gap between the slide and barrel where the rib is. Now instead of air space, it's filled with metal. I don't have the means to quantify this, but let's just say it's VERY small.

Disclaimer: Sorry, I'm an engineer and I think about the details of everything.

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