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FN a1a spr or build up a 700 ltr

Adam B

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I chose the Police Rem 700 as a base for mine. Badger metal and an medium heavy contour aftermarket barrel with the usual little extras. Using a tricked Leppy II Precision Reticle Scope right now. Benny built and tuned it for me and it is a < 1" gun at 300 yards. Larry White has a very similar gun but with the LTR type stock and a slightly lighter barrel. The accuracy of his rifle is comparable. IMO - Probably as good as it gets without going the all specialty parts and action route.

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From lurking around snipers hide, and other places, what I picked up was:

If you want to build and tune, and upgrade, and tinker, get a 700, its the small block chevy of rifles and everyone works on them, and there are a million parts.

If you want a turn key gun that will shoot lights out from day 1, and not have to tinker, get the FN.

Just depends on whats more fun for you - the building or the shooting - FWIW.

(I've had a couple nice custom 700s, but have eyeballed the FNs several times..... if I do it again, I may go FN SPR or even PBR-XP (not a plain PBR, its like a SPR jr. in a cheaper stock)

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It depends on what you will be using the rifle for. I would go with the REM700. It is a proven action and there many different specitlity parts for it.

There is another rifle that will be coming soon and it is the TC. It will be called the ICON and it will be offered as a tactical rifle. I had a chance to see one this past weekend and it looks good. Keep an eye out for it.

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Good choice on the rifle! I have the sameone only with the 24" barrel. I picked it up new at a local show for around $1150. Great shooter right out of the box! For 1000 yd stuff shoot at least 175gr bullets. Also, if you ever see mags for sale, yours takes mags don't it?, snatch them up when you can. They are hard to find, so far all I have found is one extra for mine.

Well I couldn't refuse a FN A1a for $1399, it was $100 below my dealer's cost, I love gun broker!


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Can't go wrong with the SPR. I had a 20" fluted barrel model that would just simply nail anything I put the cross hairs on. They have the McMillan stock and the 20 MOA base on it already, as well has using the classic Model 70 action which I am a fan of. Either way you can't go wrong, but spend some time on SnipersHide and the like and find something that will fit you. Just don't be surprised at the amount of bread you'll end up spending for a precision rig.

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