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Does anybody know if there are any functional differences between SV's various hammers? I've noticed that the spur hammers are somewhat less expensive than the 'Triple Xcelerated' versions. I assume that the Triple Xcelerated weigh less - but are they worth the extra money? I'm looking at using one with a SV sear in a limited gun that would end up with a 2 1/4 lb trigger. What are your experiences?

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im using the spurless xcellerated hammer with an sv sear and disconnector. wt is about 1.2-1.3 pounds trigger pull

the spurless is about 20-30 grains lighter than the koenig hammer that i used for a while. I changed to sv since a lot already own the koenig.

the fast locktime feels very good but once you get used to it, you wont notice.

also a setback is ;you cant pull the hammer back.

the one with the sv logo is heavier than the koeinig hammer btw.

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