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Ever Hear Of The Robinson Arms M96?


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Howdie everyone,

I was perusing another gun forum the other day when a regular there had posted a report on a new blaster he picked up: a Robinson Arms M96. He posted pics and it does look very cool.

So I made it over to the Robinson Arms website:



I called them today and they said they are no longer making it and are focusing all their efforts into their XCR rifle, whatever that is :wacko: ??

The rep also said that parts for the M96 are very hard to find. I specificallyasked about scope mounts/rails. I said something to the effect that if I were to find an M96 on say gunbroker.com that I should stick w/ one that has a scope rail already. He said yes definitely to that.

The M96 was chambered for 5.56 and it accepts AR mags. The one major difference between that and an AR is that it uses a piston to drive the bolt back, so the chamber area doesn't get as dirty as an AR's.

From doing a little research on yet another forum, it sounds like they had some problems at first but they were resolved. The barrels are pinned (somehow?) to the receiver and either through poor metallurgy or owner's incompetence at reassembling the gun, barrels have actually been launched down range. :o

My first impression of the gun beyond the "looks cool" factor is for that size and heft they should have chambered it for something larger than 5.56/.223. I asked about that too while I had the guy on the phone. Nope, that's the only caliber they ever made them.

So what say you?

What have you all heard about the Robinson Arms M96?



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What have you all heard about the Robinson Arms M96?

I own one - haven't owned it for long (only a couple of weeks, actually) but it's already on the list of one of the most fun rifles in my collection.

It just has an altogether different feel from my AR's.

On a side note, it's one of the very earliest examples of "California legality through feature removal" - CA DOJ approved it with the grip removed, although they didn't much like the stud that protrudes after the grip is removed. That, among other precedents, lead to us having AR-15's again out here.

If you want a really good place to look for into on the M96, try hitting www.m96.org - they have a bunch of aftermarket parts, and some crazy company's doing an underfolder conversion for them.

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Thanks gammaton for the reply and that link.

Yippeee, I get to join another shooting forum!!! :D

So that will make #22 in my list of favorites, not including the handloading, swaging, and bullet casting forums I am on also.

Your reaction to the gun has been echo'ed by everyone else who has bought one, too.

Thanks for that link!

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