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Aggressive Drivers


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I'm sure everyone has encountered idiots behind the wheel, probably far too often.

Yesterday while returning home for the weekend, I met yet another.

I was on a four lane highway and headed up a steep mountain grade.

I was in the fast lane and moving at least the speed limit (55), perhaps even a tad faster. :rolleyes:

There are always underpowerd cars on this stretch of road that are in the right lane and moving slowly up the mountain.

I was closing on one of these slower vehicles when I looked in my rear view mirror to discover a guy right on my bumper.

Now ordinarily I will move over and let someone pass as soon as the right lane opens up, but this guy wasn't going to wait.

He came around and passed me on the right, swerving back in front of me as the gap closed to little more that a car length.

I really didn't think he was going to make it.

It was an awesome display of impatience and recklessness.

After the reckless endangerment of himself and everone else on the highway, he had the audacity to offer me the middle finger salute before speeding off.

Pardon me for taking up space on your highway pal. :angry:


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