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New Weapon 16000 Rounds A Second


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"new" weapon.. the thing has been "new" for the btter part of a decade.

Not to mention the metalstorm people are perfectly happy to take your guns away and are working on a smart gun in conjunction with NJ for their craptastic smart gun law.


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Opps, Dont not done.

The Smart gun stuff they are working on is just a rehash of the old ring system only using updated tech.

They are just packaging it with their firing system they also said they were working on a combo letheal & non lethal in one pistol / rifle.

When asked by one of the brass why dose the military want non lethal the guy actually said well you may not want to kill the enemy just incapacitate them.

Brass response (pricless): Son do you have any idea what the Army Special Forces dose?

We incapacitate the enemy by killing them.

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