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.355 Or .356 In 38 Kart Barrel


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Start with good 115jhps and 124s.....xtps and Sierra jhps.....355

Then order some 115 and 125 Zeros sized .356.

I would try VV330, Power Pistol, WSF, W231, and VV320 along with Titegroup for powders. I would also load the round as long as you can get reliable feeding out of the mag/into the chamber.

Preferably you would run .355s for accuracy, until you shoot enough to wear the throat out, then switch to .356s.....but we know how often things work like they are supposed to.. ;)

Good luck,


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Has anyone her slugged a 38 Super Kart barrel?

I'm going to figure out some accurate loads so where do I start? .355 or .356?

Standard SAAMI bore diameter for .38 super is .355. Finding the "accurate" bullet for your gun is more critical to bullet type, weight, powder, charge weight, crimp, OAL than it is to bullet dimension. The difference between the .355 and .356 is .0005 radius, which is somewhat insignificant. I find that of the numerous jacketed .355 bullets I have measured, most are at least .355 (never under) and often .3555. I also find that of the .356 bullets I have measured, none are over .356 and many are .3555. My "guess" is that since SAAMI spec is .355 bore, then those .356 bullets which are sold, are those which are slightly out of tolerance for the mfg and are marketed as .356. I think Nosler actually makes theirs even larger than .356. (Lead bullets probably run .356 anyway)

If you have a .356 bore, then you will likely have to run .355 bullets a bit faster to get better accuracy than if you had a .355 bore and .356 bullets. Ironically, you may find that the .356 bullets run a tad faster in a .355 bore with the same powder charge as the .355 bullets.

Closing, I would use .355 bullets as you have a much better selection of possibilities.

Good Luck,


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i called Kart not long ago (May 2006) and asked them what diameter their 38 super barrels are. they said .356. So i had to special order a 38 super barrel with a .355 bore.

i have been too lazy to slug the thing since i got it - its still in the wrapper.

feel free to call them, they are nice folks.

Kart Precision Barrel Corp.

3975 Garner Street SW

Shallotte, NC, 28470

Tel. (910) 754-5212

Fax. (910) 754-5210

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