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Michigan Section Match

Ben Stoeger

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I actually went to the match Sat morning to make sure I was able to get alot of staff video.

I figured these guys put enough work in I would give alilttle back to them. 75% of the video is staff. Two big matches in a months time is alot. I'm not sure how but I think I recorded over at least another 10-15mins of shooting. I'm figuring when I was watching it Sat night I didn't put it back to the end of the tape. Actually I was going to add some music to it but decided just to post it so everyone could view it.


I only used 1 battery and it was still half charged at the end of the day. I charged it Sat night again but only used half Sun. The key is not using the LCD screen. You have to look through the view finder which is a pain but it double or triples your battery life.

BTW, great shooting. Tight race between you and Vogel. I'm not sure if you looked but you beat me on the Got Mag's stage in the overall. You probably heard me on the video

"He's smoking" :lol::lol: You shot that stage well.

I decided not to go to Area 5, I think its about 12.5 hrs drive from here. I might have to think about it though, there is some Friday slots left.

I just got done working 16hrs and I'm tired, off to bed


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