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Has anyone bought an played with one of these?   http://www.gaim.com/shooting-simulators/gaim-clay-shooting


You can either 3d print something to attached handles to your current gun or get one of these:  https://texturevr.com/products/the-real-stock-pro-v2-ultimate


Uses a META Quest.  There are many simulators out there for clays, not just the one above.  Pistol games too.


Curious if anyone gave them a try?  I'm thinking of doing it, curious of opinions.


Edit: because I hit reply too fast.

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Quest II user.  Pistol Whip is fun but more based on rhythm than shooting.  I play lots of golf with Golf+.  There's all kinds of first person shooters from Pavlov to Super Hot to Population One.

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I was curious if anyone played skeet or sporting clays with it, instead of real range time.  And if so, how accurate do you feel it was?


With controllers attached to my actual shotty, I can see it being a good training tool.  

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