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Blind Spot Hangers


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What’s the deal with this? You’re on the freeway doing the limit, maybe 3 over and you see a rig coming up in the left lane. They’re probably doing +5 to 10 faster than you but as they catch up to you they slow down and just sit in your blind spot! 😡 Sometimes this goes on for miles like they “need to be close to someone”. Just the other day a girl comes roaring up and then just sits there. As we came around a corner there was a State Patrol with someone stopped. I couldn’t move over because she was riding my ass so I slowed down to let her by but as soon as she got a little bit by me she saw the cop and hit her brakes. 🤬 By the time I could move over we were down to about 55 and almost past the cop. Friggin Idiots!

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Naw, this has been going on before that and with some rigs that probably don’t even have cruise. They don’t think that if the other person has to make a sudden move (like debris in the road) that they’re in the way. And out here it’s not bumper to bumper, most of the time there’s at least a quarter to half a mile between rigs, or you may be the only two on the road for miles. 

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