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Batman as the RangeMaster

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The story: It’s 1989.  The original Tim Burton “Batman” movie with Michael Keaton in the title role had just been released.  Chris Edwards was acting as the RangeMaster for the USPSA National Championship in Barry, Illinois.  On Day 1 of the match, he wore a Batman logo t-shirt and was riding around on a three-wheeler doing his thing.  His radio callsign (which normally would have been “RangeMaster”) was changed to “Batman”.  People started getting in on the action, buying him various Batman paraphernalia throughout the week.  He got a logo’ed license plate for the three-wheeler on Day 2.  On Day 3, a cape was provided.  Eventually, by the end of the week, he had the mask with bat ears, cape, and all black attire.  He really didn’t have the body shape to pull it off, but perhaps that made it even funnier, seeing this large guy zooming around the range on a 3-wheeler, cape flowing gracefully in the wind.


The Request:  Does anybody have pictures of this?  Chris is getting ready to retire and I'd love to have a pic of this in his video collage.  Please send to braxton1 at aol dot com.  Thanks!

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