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Lots of scammers on the forum

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Yeah, scammers abound on WTB posts.  We do what we can but its up to the buyer to verify.  If you do catch a scammer using PMs here, let the moderators know who it is.


In this case it's 100% fake--  Go to the closeup picture, copy the image URL (or save the image locally if it was emailed), then go to images.google.com, click the camera icon and paste the URL into the image search box, hit 'find original image' and there it is without the post-it and with the Armslist logo back in the top right corner.


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I have let the moderators know in the past but the response I received was rude and dismissive. 

In summary, a member referred me to a seller he could vouch. The seller sent me clearly fake pictures to deceive me. 

The evidence was rock solid but the mod refused to take any actions or investigate the member who referred because he said the seller wasnt the member himself. 



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