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Drum Magazine for VR80


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I recently sold my T&N 20round Promag drum mag as I wasn't confident that it would run 100% for shooting matches.  I'm looking at a Derya import drum and also the Black River drum mags.  Anyone running either of these in competition?  Any feedback on drum mags for the VR80?  Or are they more a range toy?  My 19 rounder stick mags are 100%, but I was curious about the drum mags.

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I was little surprised to find no one had any comments.  I was interested in the Black River Drum mag for the VR80, but I did go ahead and purchase one after watching a dozen reviews on it.  And I must say that I'm impressed.   Ran 100 rounds thru the drum last night it ran great!  Following instructions of lube and it never hesitated at all.  Anyone else trying this drum mag?

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