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Classification letter

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“ Classifications marked with an "a" (assigned) have been adjusted based on finishes at a major match or other demonstrated ability or disability.”


from the boiler plate at the bottom of my classifier page.

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Or your classification in that Division is actually 2 or more classes lower than your highest.

I'm pretty sure ICORE allows only 1 class between Divisions.

Case in point I'm an A in Limited,  an actual B in L6 and Open and my percentages in Classic are at a C, so my classification in Classified is Ba (B adjusted).

I've since changed my Classified rig and have at least one 79% score, so if I keep going down this road I'm sure I'll lose the "a".


FWIW my new Classified gear is an old 6" M28 that I'm using L Frame Comp III's and 38 Short Colts?  Pretty much backward from any sensible set up.  And with anything longer than SC the Speed Loaders bind up, with the SC and RN bullets there's enough of the bullet to index the Speed Loader and once activated they are forced in with no hitches.

Now to get that front sight replaced with a dove tailed 627-5 sight, I struggle with ramped sights they have a tendency to grey out under certain light conditions.  Toolguy's gonna fix me up!

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