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Stomp pad activators indoors?

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Hey all,


Has anyone run the stomp-pad activators indoors? Are there certain ones that work better than others? How are you getting them to stay put?


I have a little bit of a wrinkle in that my range doesn't let me use duct tape on the range floor but something like sandbags + vinyl tape would probably work.



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Tomato - Tomatoe, but it's not duct tape!  I've used this stuff at work to anchor an angle iron frame to a concrete floor.  Just make sure to clean as much dust off the floor and stomp pad frame (maybe a solvent wetted rag wipe) first, put the tape all the way around the bottom of the stomp pad frame, peel off the second side and make double damn sure of where you want the stomp pad when you put it down.  You only get one chance.

3M VMB Double sided tape.



To get the stomp pad off the floor, you'll have to cut the tape off the floor with something like this Red Devil scraper.  Then scrape the remnants of the tape off the floor.




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