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Fired My 617 After Reaming The Chambers


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I was having trouble with my empties sticking in the cylinder after a few runs so I decided to ream the chambers with a .22 finishing reamer to see if it would help.  It sure did.


Today I fired 300 rounds and the empties just dropped free of the cylinder each time I went for a reload.  Using my DS-10 speed loaders I was able to fire the 300 rounds in no time.  I used Speedbeezs loading blocks and a Pelican box.


Not only did I ream the chambers I also did a little trigger work.  When I got the gun the DA pull was over 10 pounds.  I like it a little smoother and lower than that so I polished the rebound slide and installed an 11 pound rebound spring.  That's all I did and the trigger pull went down to 8 pounds average on my Lyman Digital Scale.  The trigger is real smooth but I'm waiting for a RevUp Hammer and I expect the DA will be much smoother.

617 4 with ammo and loader.jpg

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