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Pachmayr 1911-22 Conversion .22 LR, MFG Peter Stahl - Compatible Mags


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I have one of the Pachmayr 1911-22 Conversion .22 LR, MFG Peter Stahl top ends.  It shoots great and have had no issues.  I only have 2 mags for it.  Does anyone have experience with any current manufactured mags?  It gets kind of expensive to buy and try these days.  Every time I have it at the range, no one has a conversion kit and of course when I don't have it there someone does have one.  Just my luck.  


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That magazine looks very close to the Colt Service Ace magazine.  200-FOLR-CACE-4.jpg?v-cache=1541760325


 Triple K makes replacement magazines, but they have a pretty spotty reputation for reliability and they are expensive.



I have no personal experience but I've read that the GSG 1911 .22 magazines work in the Colt Conversions and may work in your conversion.  They are cheap and have worked well in some of my conversions.




Hmm, not as cheap as I remember.  Thank you JFB!



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Those look identical to the ones that came with my marvel unit 1.  The funny part is that I only use the gsg ones in my conversion.  The gsg mags are a little skinny but marvel has a shim they make.  All their stuff is now sold through frerking gun works.  I do not use the shims but I was having problems with the mags falling out of my frame.  I put a new mag release in and they stay in place now.  I have 6 of the gsg mags and they all work great. 

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