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Swapping trigger shoes or springs between assemblies?

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I’m guessing the answer to this is no, but wanted to ask the forum anyway just in case. 


I have a JP trigger with the Armageddon roller trigger shoe, and a Timney Calvin Elite.


I’m wondering if it’s possible for me to put the roller trigger on the Calvin Elite? And if not, if it’s possible for me to swap the springs between the two assemblies. End goal is to have the roller trigger with the 1.5lb trigger pull my Calvin Elite has.



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The Timney comes with a knurled knob that clamps onto the trigger and interfaces on the horizontal bar below the trigger housing. It is removable as shown in this diagram.




The JP unit is built into the trigger itself and is not removable.



It wouldn't be easy to connect.  To do it I think you'd be doing the cutting, welding, and red-neck engineering.


If you really want this I'd suggest you may have better luck modifying the knurled trigger shoe that comes with the Calvin and adding on the roller surface to that one. Still not an easy modification but with the correct tools you may be able to design something.

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Thanks for the $0.02, I took the triggers apart and came to the same conclusion you did. Gave up and just tried to fit the whole Calvin Elite assembly and was unsuccessful :(. With one antiwalk pin installed, the other pin hole wouldn't align properly...


Anyone know if I can get replacement springs that will lighten the trigger pull? The Calvin elite doesn't even have a trigger spring (took the whole assembly apart and only found the hammer spring and disconnector spring)

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Update in case anyone cares, got the Calvin Elite assembly to fit, but when I took it to the range for testing had way too many slamfires/doublefires happen for me to feel it was safe. So the JP trigger's back in the JP, and the Calvin Elite's back in my zombie build. 

Would love to know of any tips/tricks/spring kits out there to lighten the pull on the JP still

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