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Looking for OR and threaded barrel pistol

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Need a new range toy, something with weight around 1kg that comes ready with threaded barrel mostly for fun with suppressor and comp. 

Looking for something in 2k€ range. Was looking at Phoenix fusion that came with threaded barrels but they are not in production anymore. 


Not in the mood for another polymer gun, want something that feels sort of handfitted like the phoenix pistols. Have looked at the new Arma Zeka but they 

don't come with threaded barrels and are very new to the market. 

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On 7/9/2022 at 11:12 PM, Johnny_Chimpo said:


A Beretta M9A4 would do it.

I have been curious about the A4 here in northern europe however I don't think beretta has started selling the A4 here.  All I see is the A3 or the competition models. 

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