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A question for any owners of a Russian Saiga 12 gauge


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I’m in the process of replicating a prop from a sci-fi TV series - Fire Fly.  For those familiar with the show the prop was Jane Cobb’s Callahan Full Bore Auto Lock rifle.  The prop master and gun smith who built it used the receiver of a Saiga 12 gauge to build the gun around.  I am in the process of 3D modeling all the various parts of the gun but what I’m lacking are some good high definition photos of the Saiga’s receiver.


if anyone who owns a Saiga would be willing to take  a couple of close up photos of their receiver (left side, right side, front, back, top) I would be eternally  grateful! Basic dimensions of the receiver  would be a huge help as well.    I’ve attached a pic of the actual prop for those who may be curious …. And thx in advance!4CD63CB0-1A8F-4259-A71A-3673FFE02166.thumb.jpeg.094334c0962e4b604ae40252ca5791cc.jpeg


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I have a saiga 12 340, happy to take pics and send dimensions. Shoot me an email with the details you need. mozee@me.com


PS - Measurements will be in metric, hope you dont mind to crunch it for your use. 

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