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Made The Best Of It Even In The Heat


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It only managed to make 101 degrees today by the end of the Steel Challenge Match but it was the first weekend with such high temperatures and I wasn't ready.  I had my Chilly Vest and Hat with a fan as well as a 6 pack of Gatorade.  I needed more.  


I did manage to win my class and had a couple of personal bests.  I did blow Pendulum and Outer Limits.  They were my first two stages and I was still a little nervous. Trying to get to B class, the only stage I've made it with so far has been OL.  Very close on the rest.


I tried a new pair of Altamont grips today instead of my normal Hogue Big Butt grips.  I like the purchase and was able to get my little finger on the grip better.  I also had my strong side thumb better and it felt like it was going to pay off.  Only problem was at the end of the day I had a blister on my strong hand.  Either I'll sand them down or just return them.


I did find a pair of Pachmeyer Signature Grips in my old grip box.  They feel good so I'll take them out later this week and test them.

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