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Savage stock options- AICS mags


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Revamping a Savage 110 I have to go more shorter, less PRS. Want to get away from the chassis that's on it, but I need a stock that will take AICS Magpul mags. Any suggestions? I saw Magpul was coming out with one this year, but not sure what happened with that. 


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I was trying to build an under 7.5# with optic in 338lm 28-30" barrel.   With the hnt stock and Ti receiver and cf barrel the weight is under 7#, but the optic puts it over 8.5#.   If I were to only shoot 250's and lighter then a 24-26" would be fine.   I do like the mdt chassis as I have 2 of them.   I think apf sells chassis for savage 110's (Graham Bros.) also that looks nice.

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