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Who makes the best Steel Challenge kit?


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I run a new Steel Challenge club and have been generously given some "hand-me-down" plates to start with.
They are great (for now), but I want to upgrade them as soon as possible.

Who makes the best Steel Challenge kit right now?
Features I care about in no particular order:

-Ease of transport
-Best "ringing" steel
-Safest design (to minimize spalling)
-Most durable

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Check these guys out. I have a 12 and 10" target of theirs and love it. I also believe the hook style hanger and targets are the way to go. My practice plates are setup with the spring/bolt system and had I found this website before hand I would have bought my whole set here. Easier to change plates/disassemble and rings better. 

Use my referral link and we both save $10 off any order.

[Admin: quasi-ad link deleted.  Please PM]

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MGM targets is who our club has been using for at least the last 10 years. They will last a club a very long time. We shoot 4 stages twice a week for 30 weeks a year and they have been great. The hanger is really the only wear item and the new design they have makes it user serviceable without having to send the cap back in for warranty replacement. The stands also stack really well for storage. These targets also ring pretty well and we haven't had any injuries from splatter.


I use the Shooting Targets 7 set for my personal use and they seem to be a pretty decent value as well.  I have only had them for a year and a half so they don't have near the rounds our club steel has but I don't think I would purchase them for club use as they don't seem as durable. I use the MGM stands instead of the ST7 stands though. These also ring pretty well and I haven't noticed issues with splatter either. 


Pretty big difference in overall price but I believe MGM will have a discount for clubs getting new supplies. 

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Idk brands but I can def say DO NOT get the one piece targets, or the spring mounted ones. They are really dead, noise wise, so if you hit them square on the center the "ding" is barely audible with my electronic headphones. 

We use them in practice and it makes me question myself like 1-2 shots later as my brain processes "wait that was 4 dings not 5 did I...hit...it...?"

Get the ones where the targets are simple circles/rectangles with a big ol' hole to mount on the well. Mount.

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I like GT Targets. Karl is a great guy and sponsors many matches in the North East that I've been to. He is located in central PA.




Brian covers ringing steel challenge targets in his book, and how if your waiting for the ring, you are losing time. The important thing is what you see, not what you hear. I struggle with calling my shots, but it's my goal. He was at the big match and didn't hear the ring on a target so he re-engaged. He had hit it the first time, so he made the conscious decision to ignore the rings and just call shots. I believe he shot a personal best after making that adjustment.

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