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New Eley Action Plus


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Finding .22 ammo has been a real challenge lately.  I normally shoot Blazer because they group better in my guns than a lot of the expensive ammo and are cheap.  Non are available on line form any of my sources.  


On another forum someone suggested Eley Action.  There is standard velocity and Plus.  I chose to test the Plus out of my Volquartsen Mamba.  It's 42 grains and is hotter than Blazers.  I ran 200 rounds through my gun this week and I like it.  I'm not a good shooter from the bench but I did manage this group from 25 yards off a sandbag.  The flyers are my fault.  It's not easy to shoot tight groups with a 12 MOA dot.


The Action Plus shoots better in my gun then Force and is less expensive at $32.50 for 500 rounds.  I was fortunate enough to buy a case after testing it and seeing how well I like it.  I will regulate this for Steel Challenge Matches.  I didn't buy more because I already have about 60K rounds of Blazer plus a variety of other good .22 ammo for plinking.



Eley Action Plus 25 yards.  Mamba (2).jpg

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