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550 Primers Missing the Cup Fixed

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Ever since I got my Dillon 550 I have always had primers miss the cup about 20 or so per 100. I took the primer catch off and added tape to either side so it would fit against the ram. Also cut a safety pin and use it as a spring to make sure it opens every time. That caught most of them but still would have a few flyers. So designed an extension and 3D printed it. Did one for a case feeder and without. Now I catch all of them.





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Looks good but if you lube the assembly with graphite lube and replace pin with a finish nail it greatly reduced this issue. That being said I really like your fix.

If you drill a hole in the bottom of the cup tap it and add a barb x npt fitting and a piece of tubing you can run it to a gallon container on the floor and make it pretty much so that you will never need to remove that cup again.

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