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Lonely Without My S&W 617


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For years I've been doing my own gunsmithing and have gotten pretty good at getting a decent trigger pull.  I recently tried to replace the hand in my 617 because it was slightly out of time.  That's where I went above my skill level and had to call my friend Nelson Ford, The Gunsmith to help fix up my project.

Wow, gunsmiths are getting a lot of money for when we screw up. He said he could fix the hand and also that the yoke was bent.  Another thing I do not have to tools to fix.  

I have an Apex Tactical hammer in the gun and Nelson was hesitant to work on it and asked for the original hammer and the original hand.  I had the hand but the hammer made it to the trash bin when the Apex was installed.

Looks like it will take him a month to get around to it.  Shame because I wanted to shoot it at next month's Steel Challenge Match.  ( I shoot my revolver much better than my Mamba).:gun4:

617 wtih new DS-10s.jpg

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I find it interesting the Gunsmith was reluctant to fit a new hand with the Apex Hammer, I am not a professional gunsmith and have fit several. The process is exactly the same for each. I have found a Factory Target hammer will provide Double Action pulls similar to the Apex due to the extra mass of the target hammer, I understand a new improved version may ne available but am reluctant to spend the $$$$ for an unproven product. BTW Great Looking Holster.

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