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1988 CZ 75


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I don't normally post but I was Covid bored.  I just wanted to show off my 1988 CZ 75.  Unfortunately, I replaced the main spring plug with lanyard with just the plug and now I lost the original lanyard.  I also replaced the flat spring mag brake with the shadow and lost that part as well.  Other than that, its all original.  the third pick is with her younger sister, the SP01 Tactical.




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I love those spur hammers.


My Pre B CZ85 has the spur hammer.  I liked it so well I bought replacement spur hammers to install on my CZ75 Compact and my CZ75B .40.  Made me like both of them even more.


Also put the CZ85 ambidextrous slide release levers on both of them, too.

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6 hours ago, SouperMan said:

That’s pretty cool! Thank you for sharing!


I can’t tell, but does it have a import mark from “Oakhurst, California”? CZ USA started of in all places California before they moved to Kansas City. 

Where would i find that mark?

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