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Hello from Missouri!


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Hi all,


I've been lurking for a few weeks now and have gained a wealth of information from the forums and searching topics.


I'm interested in learning how to shoot USPSA and a lot of the topics discussed here have helped me get my feet wet.


I recently purchased a CZ Shadow 2, Ghost Elite Holster/Belt and lots of 9mm ammo (on back order of course..) 


Now, I just need to find somewhere to shoot relatively close to St. Louis (and for everyone to get through this Corona stuff in good health). 


Thanks, looking forward to my stay here. 

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Hello Swoody, there’s a good uspsa match at BRRC it’s in Wright city on 2nd Saturday of each month.  Uspsa matches in Columbia at Green Valley on the 4th saturday and COPS range near rolla on the first Sunday. See you when the corona virus dies off. 

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On 3/30/2020 at 3:22 PM, Out of Ammo said:

Hello, SWoody.  Welcome to the forum and USPSA shooting.  I'm from the bootheel of MIssouri and also shoot matches at Sparta in Illinois.

Hey brother, good to hear. The complex in Sparta looks incredible and I've spoken to a few local shooters who recommended going to matches out there. 


Would you say the USPSA events hosted there are generally novice friendly? 

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