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  1. Just stumbled upon this post. Really informative. I felt like I actually learned something when I ended the video, which has become increasingly rare for YouTube content nowadays. Great job man, thanks!
  2. Update: Purchased an ASG Shadow II (C02 version). Very fun to play with and I've had a tough time putting it down. Being able to grab it and plink whenever I choose is incredible. We'll see if it pays off come next match, but I feel as if my manual of arms with the system has become much better in the past week I've been using the ASG replica then transitioning to dry-fire on the CZ.
  3. I just searched through some YouTube content on action air. Those guys can fly! I think I'm going to pickup a Tokyo Marui G19 and an ASG Shadow II. I'll keep you guys posted with the results when I get them in!
  4. This is fair. I understand that the recoil with airsoft gas blowback pistols won't come close to mimic'ing a 9mm/.40. However, I think just having the feedback of the slide moving when I pull the trigger may help train my eyes to follow that front sight post a bit better during the slide action. I don't intend to replace my own training of live fire, but rather, use airsoft as an aide during times when I cannot live fire.
  5. Bummer. I wish they'd hurry it up so I can fondle one at my local shop.
  6. This is a beauty. I dig the framecut as well. Any issues installing aftermarket parts into the Marui?
  7. Great replies thus far. I appreciate the input. I also am thinking about building a Glock replica from a Tokyo Marui base. I've seen that Guarder makes a full steel slide kit which sounds delightful for practicing with (and possibly may add some more recoil). I have done quite a bit of dry firing for both my G19/Shadow II around the house, but want to get more practice with the "sights bouncing" during the recoil action. I have noticed that my ability to transition between targets during live fire is thrown off due to the recoil. I have a tendency to lose the front si
  8. Hi all, I'm a younger guy who began his interest in firearms due to playing airsoft in my teen days. Now, I'm beginning to pickup USPSA and can't help but feel as if airsoft is one of the most viable tools for practicing indoors/ with a lower budget. Are there any folks who routinely use airsoft guns to practice? I'd be interested in hearing how you think the skills translate, as I have quite a lot of experience in the former field and am highly considering building an airsoft replica of my CZ Shadow II to practice draws/transitions/movement with in the b
  9. I'm in the same boat as you, G-Lo. I've managed to become good buddies with my local range officer, as I come every Saturday and Wednesday to get more familiar with my Shadow II and have brought my timer to measure transitions between zones on a target and el prez drills. He asked me when I was bringing my belt rig to practice draws last week, and let me work on some live holster draws while helping instruct my most recent session. He said I'm now free to do holster work whenever the range isn't busy. My advice- make friends with your local range officers. You never kn
  10. Anyone heard about the DWX release date? I was following this thread pretty closely last spring and was hoping to get my paws on one. Haven't seen or heard a lick about them being delivered anytime soon.
  11. That's great to hear. I've been following this post for a while and was waiting to hear reports on the Xi's. I'll give them a look now.
  12. Hey brother, good to hear. The complex in Sparta looks incredible and I've spoken to a few local shooters who recommended going to matches out there. Would you say the USPSA events hosted there are generally novice friendly?
  13. Hi all, I've been lurking for a few weeks now and have gained a wealth of information from the forums and searching topics. I'm interested in learning how to shoot USPSA and a lot of the topics discussed here have helped me get my feet wet. I recently purchased a CZ Shadow 2, Ghost Elite Holster/Belt and lots of 9mm ammo (on back order of course..) Now, I just need to find somewhere to shoot relatively close to St. Louis (and for everyone to get through this Corona stuff in good health). Thanks, looking forward to my stay here.
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