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Rcbs powder measure on a dillon 450

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 Yes it will work. I did it on my Dillon 300 using the auto linkage and a Redding BR-30 to load 223.

For .45acp:

Dillon powder die setup for a 450 (fixed hand crank powder drop):

Powder Measure Adapter #20029 + Powder Die #20308 + Powder Funnel #13782


550 (auto powder drop with RCBS/Hornady linkage):

Use RCBS Case Activated Linkage #98911 + Powder Thru Die #88889

or Hornady equivalent #050073 + Powder Thru Die # 290034 or 290036




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I have an adapter somewhere that came with an old Dillon 450 and used it once

the idea sounded good but in use all it did was spill powder all over my press

with the Dillon powder measure, the powder funnel is always in contact with the case mouth when in use

with the adapter the powder funnel just floats in there and every few rounds it’ll get stuck and dump powder all over the press

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On 2/18/2020 at 8:28 PM, printedpaper said:

ok thanks for your input. Maybe ill just buy the dillon powder measure?

Yeah, the Dillon measure is hard to beat, I tried to use the other brand stuff to make the transition to Dillon smoother... after all knowing one measure and being confident in it  and going to an unknown may be challenging, but the Dillon measure is worth it. 



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