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  1. I have three Tanfos dating from 1995 to current models and never had a problem with any of their mags. What were the issues you had?
  2. Oh, I forgot to add that the original slide on my limited did not get any frame / slide slop in the fit afterward. I surmise that the frame rails were straight to begin with and the diamond paste leveled the "stock" slide out while minimally affecting the rails on the frame.
  3. Understood I should have said, "I wonder why EAA still has them drilled and tapped" By the underwhelming response I guess most are going with slide mounted optics.
  4. I read this snippet on another site, supposedly gleaned from a Tanfo brochure... but the word is that it's similar to tennifer or Ferritic nitrocarburizing Wonder finish is Tangfoglio's heat treating process for steel. It is not plating, so it will not separate from the base metal. This heat treating process increases the surface hardness, thus decreasing wear, and increasing abrasion resistance. The Wonder finish process creates a self lubricating, corrosion resistant barrier between the surface of the pistol and the underlying metal that is over 12 microns deep. It maintains the superior characteristics of iron carbon steel for rigidty and durability with the look and corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
  5. I could find nothing about fitting / lapping hard chrome slides onto hard chrome frames to guide me and hopefully this will help those who have a similar issue with same maker conversion kits. My new lim pro in .38 super was going to be sitting idle for a while till I could get a quantity of supplies to build super ammo. But, my Tanfo .40 Stock slide "conversion kit" that sat on my 10mm compact kinda sorta fit the Lim pro but was impossible to move the slide fully without extreme effort in both directions. In come my files and stones... nope the hard chrome laughed at them, so I got out the diamond compounds and oils to thin the paste. I started with gun oil, then break free, then break free thinned with marvel mystery oil (worked OK) but Tri-Flow being the thinnest of them all worked the best. The 5 micron paste thinned down with tri-flow got it moving surprisingly fast, then a cleaning, again with thinned down 2.5 micron paste and finished with 1 micron. Clean, oil and it's slicker than owl snot. That diamond lapping paste is the best $12.95 I ever spent!
  6. Nah don't get it... The price is too high... EAA sux... 1911's and striker fired pistols are better. What was the name of the store that has it? Seriously... I like my match a lot more than any 1911 platform gun I own or have owned and thats quite a few. My Tanfo point like the finger of the Maker, have always been 100% reliable AND I never needed EAA for anything but mags.
  7. Since EAA does not (if they ever had) offer scope mounts for a frame mounted scope I think that's odd. I'd always thought that a frame mounted scope would be less problems than a slide mount, but so many use the slide mount, I wonder why EAA still drills and taps holes. Anyone here using a frame mounted optic like the one SSI has?
  8. That's odd, while I don't get light strikes on any of my Tanfos or CZ, my Tanfo all launch a pencil a foot out of the barrel and my SP-01 (AFAIK box stock from the PO) barely nudges the pencil.
  9. That's odd, while I don't get light strikes on any of my Tanfos or CZ, my Tanfo all launch a pencil a foot out of the barrel and my SP-01 (AFAIK box stoch from the PO) barely nudges the pencil.
  10. As I see it: Glock has the LEO business sewn up and it's not about to change. Add to that, in my experience historically LEO armorers (along with city Commissions and their legal team) do not like 1911 platforms. That scary hammer back freaks them out. Staccato still has the "XL" which for better or worse may help them dump reliability perceptions (if the XL is better) with the 2011 Name is nearly everything in business, from Q-tips to Drano, brand name is guarded and defended. Sometimes re-branding works (Datsun to Nissan) sometimes the name destroys you like Ayds diet pills died when AIDS came on the scene. Having a company name that people have to look up whether it has two C's or two T's or both two C's AND two T's may have been a poor choice of name. For my part, I think the name Tanfo and CZ on the slide may just have received a boost in sales.
  11. I live in south Florida with hot, humid, sweaty carry conditions and aside from the grit under a truck seat, or marine I can't imagine a more hostile environment. My Tanfo compact has been my EDC on and off swapping with a S&W 4026 since 1995 or so when I got it. It's still my EDC but with a "Stock" .40 slide. Other than the ugliness factor as I said the Tanfo finish is pretty good and if it doesn't bother the owner it's not a biggie. Some shooters obsess over condition and I think warts and all discussion sheds more light than heat on a discussion
  12. I have NP3 on a Beretta 96G and a Tanfo compact in the "Wonder" finish. The Tanfo despite trying to keep it clean always looks like an ape with a truckload of potato chips was eating them and handling it . The NP3 is pristine and always has been. The Tanfo finish is actually quite rugged, I carried it for years and it doesn't scratch, and the finish on "proud metal" parts doesn't wear off going in and out of holsters, it just collects dirt and always looks like crappenzola. If it were a safe queen or didn't get carried often, it would be a different thing, as I've seen some old ones that still look really good.
  13. Agreed but lowering it from the dreaded 25k to 10k made that statement clear (I hope) to the OP. AND it was funny
  14. You are, but it's funny
  15. I can't clearly visualize where hands and gun are in step 1. My regimen is: 1. Hands at side, then hand on gun, lift from holster to essentially low ready both hands on gun. 2. Start at low ready, (gun gripped for firing at roughly 45 degrees) lift, acquire sight picture and fire The reason is only one range I shoot at allows drawing and then only in two dedicated, walled, armored booths which are often occupied. I have no issues at any range giving me a problem shooting from low ready, but practicing at home #1 for the most part allowing that muscle memory at live fire will connect the two. I've trained many students this method who had very limited access to any range and they agreed that these two steps really helped them out. Oh, without a BANG, I also can't see how to time your drawing practice
  16. There's another dimension to the slide swap issue, a full sized slide on a compact frame.
  17. With 1911's if the gun wanted to go full auto (firing pin stuck out) or doubles/triples from bad sear engagement, letting the trigger go "should" stop it from firing as the half cock notch "should" engage without the trigger depressed. I'm pretty sure most any gun would do the same.
  18. The CZ's as you know are really well done, so that's a curious thing to say especially since you had such good luck with the CZ's, but this is a Tanfo page so I guess it's no surprise. In my case I had a Tanfo before CZ came on the scene and got user traction so I prefer my Tanfos over my SP-01 which is just a fun shooter, no more. For me it would be very hard and impractical to move to CZ... many reasons include the Tanfo have more platform / caliber and finish options, better (IMO) stock sights, as well as rail-less models for in general less buckazoids in the cost department. I don't mind the fairly inexpensive mags either! Add to that, they're Italian, lika me!
  19. Details? Maybe early to mid 1990's, South Florida Pistol Club, an argument, a pulled gun and pointed at a chest, and arrest. Assault with a deadly weapon.
  20. I'm a "burned out" ex player. I was one of the first 10 members in the So. Flo. Pistol Club (In 1987 then the So. Flo. pistol league) required to get USPSA club sanctioning. Politics, and arguments got me down and when a fellow charter member pulled (an empty) gun on another shooter and got arrested I stopped going.
  21. Ace or True value hardware stores are your friend for metric screws.
  22. The only time I could imagine a plunk fail is If the case was reloaded before and there's a bulge at the web. Any firearm especially one with a ramped barrel with a supported chamber may not be very happy feeding bulged cases. Inspect your cases carefully before reloading them, toss bulged cases or find a small base sizer.
  23. Nickel in lieu of Chrome? That's a surprise. The EAA nickel finish tarnishes something awful, especially if it's carried.
  24. The slides are 6 3/8" but since yours has a rail it looks like they made the dust cover longer like maybe 2" +? My dust covers without rails are 1 1/4" (compact) 1 1/2" (full size) measured from the front of the trigger guards. I think that's where the illusion is.
  25. No denying they're both GR8 guns, but for me the fact that many Tanfos including the Stock II are available in .40, is a "Major" plus I like the sights better on the Stock II, as well as the finish, it does not have a rail and it just feels better in my hand.
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