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  1. I use pc'd bullets (cast and coated here) in all of my X5's. Smash a bullet with a mallet and if the pc does not flake off or crack it's as gtg as any plated bullet at similar velocity or even more.
  2. Bummer, then I'm happy I found the two that I did.
  3. Here's what I found about case gauges vs. the plunk test. Sometimes stuff may pass the plunk test but rotate / re-orient the case a bit and they will not drop all the way in. Case symmetry or lack of it can cause failures to chamber. My EGW case gauges will check the whole case (even the rim where needed) and if it fits the EGW, it will fit my chambers. Also for rimmed and semi rimmed cases the case gauge will tell if the rim has a problem. Anyway, I started out with the four caliber gauge and for production I wound up buying the 7 round models for all the calibers I load.
  4. I also use the slide stop to release the slide, and the stock part on my 2.0 was impossible to operate as a release. The PC has an extended SS (on the left side only which I'm not sure they will sell) and luckily I found two on Ebay. Now I can operate them like my 1911's, I just find it faster than the "slingshot" method. Anyway, failing finding a factory part you "could" get a standard part, heat it with a torch and form it outward and quench it in oil. I did this on my Sig X5 and I find it far easier to use now. So you know if your M&P has the frame safety you have to train to swipe down on the release. If applied poorly (up along the grip then down) you'll engage the frame safety. Not good in a match.
  5. Are the frames the same with both of these slides? From what I see in the auction sites, I "think" the 4 inch slides were made for the compact frame?
  6. Done that. I'm loading since the 70's not a tyro.
  7. RCBS dies and of course it's adjusted to touch the shell plate / holder.
  8. It doesn't matter whether I use a single stage or 550 press, too many of my .223 cases (once fired mixed head stamps) fail the plunk test in a case gauge after sizing. It's aggravating to say the least so I'm thinking about a Case Pro for .223 only. As I said, I'm using mixed head stamps but the issue remains even if I select cases by brand. I get about 15% plunk failures. I've resorted to sizing / decapping, plunk test, discard failed cases, prime and go forward so in reality I'm thinking that case loss is in the long run less of a hassle and expense than a case sizer? I don't shoot a LOT of .223 (maybe a thou a year) and do not have any issues with .357 Sig, .357 mag, .40, 10mm, .45, .45 Colt, or .45 WM so additional die kits are not an issue nor is production / speed. My Q's are for other .223 loaders who have used the Case Pro. It would be a bummer to roll the cases if it isn't 100% reliable, what's the consensus on the issue? Over the years, rather than pulling those loaded rounds that failed before getting somewhat better results with the SB die, I just saved them in a baggie. Can the Case Pro safely roll a loaded .223? Is the half mounting kit needed? Or can it be mounted to the bench and be run without any of the feed tubes? Finally, I'm puzzled by their claim to not need lube. The neck still needs sizing, no? Do Case Pro users then just use a universal decapping die and prime at the first station in say a 550 after running brass in the Case Pro?
  9. Farmer... spot on. Lack of current data and unsuitability are real concerns. At one time there was published data for International, but it was pulled because I read it was unstable as powder weight / volume increased. I've been using it for a long time and have seen the issues first hand and just keep my loads well under the point where it gets loopy.
  10. What specifically is your concern with the lube rings? I have no issues with lube rings on my home cast and PC'd bullets, as a matter of fact, I never gave them a thought. I'd imagine bullets without lube rings would cause higher pressures with more bullet bearing surface in the bore unless the bullet was specifically designed to have the same amount of bore contact as a similar bullet with one or more lube rings present. I attached a pic of two of my un-sized 180 grain .40 cal PC'd bullets. After a lot of load development I found that load data between the two was for my purposes the same if not identical. If there were no lube rings, I'd start from square one working up a load.
  11. I think the issue is more about powder measuring for accuracy rather than dimensions. Think about it, once the ram is fully up the case head is bottomed out on the shell plate platform and any "slop" in the tool head is gone being fully and snugly pressed up against the "C" frame. Anyway, I kept my RL450 because back then I "thought" the solid frame without a removable tool head might be more stable for accurate loads. Making 100 carefully prepared cases and loaded .308's in the 550 and 100 on my Big Max (both using the same dies) were dimensionally identical and since I threw and weighed my charges individually for both presses there was zero difference in accuracy at 200 yards. Two hundred yards is the furthest I checked my loads, but with 5 rounds all in an inch group I had no problem accepting the 550's accuracy potential.
  12. Nah, the neck lube is no biggie, and I'm not trying to beat any records for rounds in a box so I'm good. Besides I'm too chea... ahem value conscious to spring for Dillon dies
  13. Actually, I do but first I use the .40 carbide die to size the body so I don't have to lube the whole case, then I dunk the mouth in Mica for the neck size on the Sig die.
  14. Do the Para P18 9mm mags have spacers in them for the 9mm? If so can they be removed to use for .38 super?
  15. Chuck THANKS a LOT! I'm going to hunt down a press now, hopefully I can find a used sample from someone who needs production and is upgrading. I'm not interested in production, I'm down to shooting / training 100 or less rounds per week it gets tiring drawing more than that. Even with the odd time I'm doing load development I'm not shooting much more than that. Oh, I did find a .40 caliber conversion that has 650/750 on the lable, so that's answered. Thanks again
  16. I'm thinking about adding another Dillon press (nothing else is an option) to my bench and since I could use 5 stations for my .357 Sig the 650 / 750 are logical choices. I know nothing about these so I have Q's... Can I use it without bullet and case feeders? Most of the pix show it with the strong mount, is it required? If not is the operation height similar to the 550? Are the 650/750 caliber conversion kits the same for both models? Can auto indexing be disabled? (For setting up seater, crimp, powder dump etc. on bullet type change) What stations are dedicated to a particular operation and cannot be changed? Loading .357 Sig, these are the stations I'd need in this order, if not the press wouldn't be a good fit and I can stay with the 550 and continue to use a separate single stage press for my 5th station: Station 1. Size, decap with a .40 carbide die and seat primer Station 2. Lube the case neck with mica and size neck with .357 sig die Station 3. Slight bell mouth and dump powder Station 4. Seat bullet... Station 5. Taper crimp TIA
  17. gnappi

    X5 trigger work

    I have two X5's neither in the same universe as my CZ Shadow 1 or Tanfo limited. IMO you shouldn't have to send a premium gun to a smith to get a decent trigger. Don't get me wrong, the X5's are fine guns, but nowhere near a comparable out of the box Tanfo or CZ. It's a shame too.
  18. Since you have four other tanfos, have you tried swapping the entire slides or just barrels to the new one to try and narrow down the issue?
  19. All I have are the Armanov pads on my Tanfo mags. The price, color selection, availability and function all fit my needs.
  20. gnappi

    X5 Grip weight

    Ah, grip WEIGHTS, not grip weight. Illumination.
  21. I wondered, my X'perf may have issues but the trigger isn't one of them.
  22. What was the reason you changed it?
  23. We used to call that "negative recoil" I never witnessed it
  24. gnappi

    X5 Grip weight

    P226? SAO or DA/SA (I read they made a DA/SA model of some sort too too) OEM Plastic or wood? I can weigh my P226 X5 grips but I don't have the ship packaging, either way I doubt they're more than an ounce away from each other
  25. I've been to the range a lot more than usual lately and surprisingly there's been a lot of .40 shooters there. I unashamedly ask if they do not reload if I can take the brass and I've come away with a LOT of brass. Food for thought.
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