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Three in one match


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At a recent "outlaw" USPSA indoor evening match I managed to do the follow:

1. Didn't check all my mags to make sure they would drop free on a reload.  My only excuse: I normally shoot steel challenge.

2.  Didn't pay enough attention loading my mags and, yes, one upside-down primer.  At regular matches I case-gauge, and "almost" always at least look the primers when loading mags

3.  Loaded mags (partially full) from my last SC match and  realized I had loaded with my PCC rounds which look identical.  Realized the issue and unloaded what I though were all the PCC rounds.  Wrong.  Had a failure to eject followed by a double feed when trying to clear.  Excuse: I'm using up a bunch of Acme bullets which you can get in any color as long as it's red.


Still, a lot of fun and being a)old and b) competing against much younger folks with a weapon light, RDS and 20 round mags I just try to come in mid-pack with my 9mm 1911.  Any day you get to shoot is a good day.

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I shoot open, I also shoot lots of other 9mm.  Very important to load different loads with different color bullets to easily identify the load.  I used to shoot blue bullets for my open gun so I loaded acme bullets, which are red for my standard loads.  I switched to a jhp for my open gun now.  An open round in a regular 9mm is a really bad idea.

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