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Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun 2020

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LOCATION: Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa, AZ



Staff Match: March 18-19, 2020

Main Match: March 20-22, 2020


Registration will open tomorrow morning (Tuesday October 15th at 6am) on PractiScore. As in previous years, we will have an extended enrollment period (1 week), after which we will allocate match slots using the PractiScore Lottery feature. For more details, visit the REGISTRATION PAGE.


In 2020, in addition to our regular 3-Gun divisions, we will be offering a 2-Gun division; Tactical 2-Gun. The equipment rules will be the same as for Tactical 3-Gun, but a shotgun will not be used (only a rifle and a pistol). Competitors in Tactical 2-Gun division will shoot the same stages as the 3-gunners, but with a unique stage briefing. Tactical 2-Gun division will be scored separately and will have its own dedicated prize table. We hope this new division will make life a bit easier for visitors traveling from out of town.


We have also made some exciting rules changes since the 2019 match. You can find the full current IMA Multigun Rules document at our website, but here is a summary of the major changes:


  • We have introduced a new "formal warning" system for specific off-the-stage gun handling infractions (e.g. changing a shotgun choke outside a safety area, removing a holstered pistol from the belt etc.). Every year we struggle with folks who are unfamiliar with our USPSA-inspired gun handling protocols, and we don't want to DQ folks for practices they bring from their home clubs. Major infractions, like sweeping, and any infraction during a stage (e.g. breaking the 180) will, of course, still be subject to DQ without warning.
  • Stealth Division: The rifle bipod may now be added and removed between stages; it no longer has to stay on the rifle for the entire match (but it can't be ditched during a stage). Other support devices (e.g. tripods, bags) are prohibited.
  • Heavy Metal Division: A bipod is now allowed on all HM rifles (same guidelines as Stealth), and folks running a non-magnified rifle optic are allowed unrestricted rifle magazine capacity (but scoped rifles are still limited to 20 rounds per mag). Pistols in .40 caliber are now HM-legal, but are still subject to the 10 round mag limit and the power factor requirements.
  • Knock-down targets are scored more generously; they may now fall, rotate over center or turn at least 45 degrees from the start orientation to be deemed "hit".
  • Loaded off-safe abandonment is not longer a match DQ - instead, it results in a Stage Not Fired penalty (i.e. zero points for that stage).
  • Lady category is now aligned with International Olympic Committee guidelines.
  • Various other match policies that used to be in the Match Book are now incorporated into the Rules.


We will no longer be keeping our stages "mysterious" - we plan to send out a PDF version of the match book to all registered competitors a week or so before the match. The stages will still be subject to change after we send them out, but you'll get a good idea of what to expect.


If you have any immediate questions, please email us (info@smm3gun.com), post here or reach out directly to the relevant contact listed on the PractiScore registration page. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at SMM3G 2020.

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